The Knowledge (book series)

The Knowledge (book series)

"The Knowledge", one of the many spin-offs of "Horrible Histories", is a UK book series for children, written by many different writers. It provides factual information on many subjects and originates from the Scholastic publishing company. Many of them teach children what to do in order to get a kind of job in the future.

Its many writers include Terry Deary (author of the "Horrible Histories"), Nick Arnold (author of the "Horrible Science") and Kjartan Poskitt (author of the "Murderous Maths").

Book list

*Awesome Archeology - Nick Arnold (Archeology)
*Awful Art - Michael Cox (Art)
*Cracking Codes - Diana Kimpton (Codes)
*Crafty Crime-Busting - Rachel Wright (Detectives, Private Investigators and how to solve crimes)
*Crashing Computers - Michael Coleman (Computers)
*Dead Dinosaurs - Martin Oliver ((Dinosaurs] )
*Dreadful Drama - Rachel Wright (Drama and Theater)
*Even Fouler Football - Michael Coleman (Football)
*Fantastic Future - Dr. Mike Goldsmith (Forecasting and futurology)
*Flaming Olympics - Michael Coleman (special editions made for Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004) (The Olympics)
*Flaming Olympics Quiz Book - Michael Coleman (Questions on The Olympics)
*Foul Football - Michael Coleman (Football)
*The Gobsmacking Galaxy - Kjartan Poskitt (The Milky Way and other galaxies)
*Groovy Movies - Martin Oliver (Films and the movie industry)
*The Incredible Internet - Michael Cox (The Internet)
*Mind-Blowing Music - Michael Cox (Music)
*Mind-Boggling Buildings - Michael Cox (Buildings)
*"More Murderous Maths - Kjartan Poskitt" (Maths)
*"Murderous Maths - Kjartan Poskitt" (Maths)
*Mystical Magic - Ivor Baddiel and Jonny Zucker (Magic)
*Phenomenal F.A. Cup (The F.A Cup)
*Potty Politics - Terry Deary (Politics)
*Riotous Robots - Dr. Mike Goldsmith (Robots)
*Smashin' Fashion - Michael Cox (Fashion)
*Spectacular Special Effects - Diana Kimpton (Special Effects)
*Spoilt Royals - Alan MacDonald (Monarchs and other forms of royalty)
*Triffic Chocolate - Alan MacDonald (Chocolate)
*Wicked World Cup - Michael Coleman (The World Cup)Bold - Officially part of the "Foul Football" series now.
"Italics" - Officially part of the "Murderous Maths" series , with their titles changed, now.

Murderous Maths and Foul Football

Two books in "The Knowledge" series are "Murderous Maths" and "More Murderous Maths" . However, Kjartan Poskitt incorporated these two books and many others into their own Murderous Maths series. Due to this, these two books don't have "The Knowledge" logo at the top any more and are now officially part of the Murderous Maths series. To avoid furthur confusion, Poskitt has recently renamed the two books with more catchy, unique titles. The same sort of incident has occurred with one "The Knowledge" book known as "Foul Football", which has sparked a whole series of its own as well, called Foul Football. []

ee also

*Horrible Histories
*Foul Football
*Murderous Maths
*Kjartan Poskitt
*Michael Coleman

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