Arms trafficking

Arms trafficking

Illegal arms trafficking, also known as Gunrunning, is trafficking in (smuggling) contraband weapons and ammunition.

Arms trafficking is most widespread in regions of political turmoil, but is not limited to such areas. For example, in South Asia, an estimated 63 million guns have been trafficked into the region. []

The suppression of gunrunning is one of the areas of increasing interest in the context of international law. Two examples of gunrunning are the Larne Gun Running and Provisional IRA arms importation.

The total value of the illegal arms market is difficult to estimate. However, available estimates place the value of the arms trafficking market in the billions of dollars. []

Use of the term "arms trafficking" should not be confused with legal and legitimate commerce in firearms for private use, or for military or police procurement.] What constitutes legal trade in firearms varies widely, depending on local and national laws.

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* [ Small Arms and Bullets Trafficking Resources]
* [ Arms Sales Monitoring Project at the Federation of American Scientists]

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