Barrier board

Barrier board

Barrier boards are typically long plastic or wooden beams used during road works and similar activities to cordon off areas, close roads or direct traffic.

They are also known as council barriers,Show Stoppers,works barricades, or safety barricades.

Around the World

* In Australia barrier boards, normally referred to simply as council barriers, are 2.5m long heavy duty PVC boards with yellow and black reflective stripes on both sides supported by 1 or 2 'A frame' stands/legs.

* In Europe barrier boards are typically red and white striped boards made from PVC plastic or wood and used in conjunction with traffic cones.

* In the United States barriers are typically white alluminium or plastic 'A frame' devices with orange and white reflective boards on either one side or both.

ee also

* Roadworks
* Traffic cone

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