Type 364 Radar

Type 364 Radar

Infobox Radar
name = Type 364

caption = Close-up of Type 364 antenna
country = People's Republic of China
introdate = unknown
number = unknown
type = Air Search
frequency = G/H band
range = 100 km
altitude = 8000 m
diameter = unknown
azimuth = unknown
elevation = unknown
precision = unknown
power = unknown
other names = Seagull-C, SR64-C
The Type 364 radar was developed by the Yangzhou Marine Electronic Instruments Research Institute (扬州船用电子仪器研究所) / No. 723 Research Institute. It is typically enclosed in a dome on new PLA-N's frigates and destroyers.

An improved version of the earlier Type 360, it replaces the Yagi IFF antenna with a planar IFF configuration and moves to higher frequencies in order to achieve better target discrimination. The dome is also expected to improve azimuth resolution.

It is expected to be used primarily for CIWS (Type 730, Type 630) targeting with secondary air search and SSM targeting abilities.

It is offered for sale through the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC).__TOC__


*Mast weight: 520 kg
*Scan rate: 1 RPM
*Other features:
** Full coherent chirp pulse compression
** Adaptive MTD (AMTD)
** Able to track missiles with RCS<0.1m2 between Mach 1-3

ee also

* Type 054 Ma'anshan class frigate
* Type 052B Guangzhou-class
* Type 052C Lanzhou-class
* Type 051C Shenyang-class

External links

* [http://www.csic.com.cn China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation ]
* [http://www.yz723.com.cn Yangzhou Marine Electronic Instruments Research Institute ]

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