An electuary is a medicinal paste composed of powders, or other medical ingredients, incorporated with sweeteners to hide the taste, like syrup, honey, jam, etc, for the purposes of oral consumption.


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Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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  • Electuary — E*lec tu*a*ry (?; 135), n.; pl. {Electuaries}. [OE. letuaire, OF. lettuaire, electuaire, F. [ e]lectuaire, L. electuarium, electarium. prob. fr. Gr. ?, ? a medicine that is licked away, fr. Gr. ? to lick up; ek out + ? to lick. See {Lick}, and cf …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • electuary — [ē lek′cho͞o er΄ē, ilek′choo er΄ē] n. pl. electuaries [ME electuarie < LL electuarium < Gr ekleikton < ekleichein, to lick out < ek , out + leichein, to LICK] a medicine made by mixing drugs with honey or syrup to form a paste …   English World dictionary

  • electuary — /əˈlɛktʃuəri/ (say uh lekchoohuhree), /i / (say ee ) noun (plural electuaries) a medicine composed usually of a powder mixed into a pasty mass with syrup or honey. {Middle English, from Late Latin ēlectuārium. Compare Greek ekleikton electuary,… …  

  • electuary — noun (plural aries) Etymology: Middle English electuarie, from Anglo French eletuarie, from Late Latin electuarium, probably from Greek ekleikton, from ekleichein to lick up, from ex + leichein to lick more at lick Date: 14th century confection… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • electuary — /i lek chooh er ee/, n., pl. electuaries. Pharm., Vet. Med. a pasty mass composed of a medicine, usually in powder form, mixed in a palatable medium, as syrup, honey, or other sweet substance: used esp. for animals and administered by application …   Universalium

  • electuary — noun Any preparation of a medicine mixed with honey or similar in order to make it more palatable to swallow …   Wiktionary

  • electuary — SYN: confection. [G. eleikton, a medicine that melts in the mouth, fr. ekleicho, to lick up] * * * elec·tu·ary i lek chə .wer ē n, pl ar·ies CONFECTION esp a medicated paste prepared with a sweet (as honey), used in veterinary practice, and… …   Medical dictionary

  • electuary — n. powdered drug mixed with honey or sugar (mainly given to animals) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • electuary — [ɪ lɛktjʊ(ə)ri] noun (plural electuaries) archaic a medicinal substance mixed with honey or another sweet substance. Origin ME: from late L. electuarium, prob. from Gk ekleikton, from ekleikhein lick up …   English new terms dictionary

  • electuary — elec·tu·ary …   English syllables

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