Brain (disambiguation)

Brain (disambiguation)

Brain may refer to:
* [ "The Brain"] , an obscure, late eighties B-Horror movie
*"The Brain", a 1969 French film starring David Niven, Bourvil and Jean-Paul Belmondo
*brain, an organ part of many vertebrates' nervous systems
*brain (as food), the brain as something that can be cooked and eaten
*Brain, Côte-d'Or, the name of a commune in the Côte-d'Or département in France
*Brain, (real name Bryan Mantia) a drummer who has played with several bands including Primus and Praxis
*Brain, titular character in the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain"
*Brain (Inspector Gadget), the name of the dog in the cartoon "Inspector Gadget"
*Brain is also an often misspelled typo of the name Brian.
*"Brain" (journal), a neurological medical journal
*Brain Records, a German krautrock record label from the 70s
*(c)Brain, a computer virus
*Brains Brewery, a brewery in Wales
*Brain, a slang term for fellatio
*Brain (comics), a DC Comics villain
*Brain (novel), by Robin Cook
* Observer (MST3K), often called "Brain Guy"
*"Brain," a song by N*E*R*D from their 2001 album "In Search of..."
*As a verb, to inflict blunt force trauma to someone's head.
*Brain, The (comics), a Bell Features hero
*The adjective "cerebral", usually meaning "pertaining to the brain", can have special meanings:
* in linguistics, "cerebral consonant" is another name for retroflex consonant, which is in use in indology.


*C.K. "Bob" Brain, paleontologist.
*Russell Brain, a neurologist
**Baron Brain, the peerage created for him
*Dennis Brain, A British Horn player.
*Aubrey Brain, Dennis Brain's father, also a Horn player.
*"The Brain", nickname of Bobby Heenan, wrestler and manager
*Marshall Brain
*The Brain - A character from the television series Arthur.

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