Brute (Reed Richards)

Brute (Reed Richards)


real_name=Reed Richards
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Marvel Premiere" #2 (May 1972)
creators= Roy Thomas and Gil Kane
alliances=Frightful Four
aliases=Mister Fantastic

Brute is a fictional character featured in Marvel Comics publications, most notably "Fantastic Four".

Publication history

The Reed Richards of Counter-Earth first appeared in "Marvel Premiere" #2 (May 1972), and was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.

The character subsequently appears as The Brute in "Warlock" #7 (August 1973), "Fantastic Four" #175-179 (October 1976-February 1977), #181-183 (April-June 1977), "Fantastic Four Unlimited" #3 (September 1993), "Paradise X: Heralds" #1-2 (December 2001-January 2002), and "Fantastic Four" #47 (November 2001), and #49 (January 2002).

The Brute received an entry in the "Marvel Legacy: The 1970's Handbook" #1 (2006), and the "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z" HC vol. #2 (2008).

Fictional character biography

Brute is a version of Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four) from a world created by the High Evolutionary called Counter-Earth. He was exposed to cosmic rays that gave him the ability to transform into a savage purple-skinned behemoth called the Brute. When he becomes the Brute, he possesses superhuman strength.

The Brute made his way to Earth-616, where he trapped Mister Fantastic in the Negative Zone and replaced him. He infiltrated the Fantastic Four by posing as Mister Fantastic during a time when the other Reed had lost his stretching powers. He managed to trap the Human Torch and the Thing shortly thereafter, but was found out by the Invisible Woman, who rescued her teammates and left the Brute trapped in their place. The Brute was later a member of the Frightful Four.

Other version

The Brute makes an appearance in the tie in comic, "Spider-Man Unlimited". In this continuum, a Counter-Earth version of Reed and his friends were exposed to cosmic rays like their Earth counterparts. Reed became a creature known as The Brute, Sue ended up in a coma and Johnny was dead. Only Ben was uneffected. Using his good standing with The High Evolutionary as Reed Richards (who tries to maintain his secret identity by putting up a snobby front), The Brute secretly aids the Counter-Earth rebels against them. Ben Grimm helps out by gathering data held by The High Evolutionary. ["Spider-Man Unlimited" Volume 2 #3]


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