Threshold may refer to:

Books and comics

* "Threshold" (novel), a 1985 science fiction novel by David R. Palmer
* "Threshold" (Sara Douglass novel), a 1997 fantasy novel by Sara Douglass
* "Threshold", a 2001 science-fiction novel by Caitlín R. Kiernan

Film and television

* "Threshold" (2003 film)
* "Threshold" (TV series)
* "Threshold" ("Stargate SG-1"), an episode of the TV series "Stargate SG-1"
* "Threshold" ("Voyager" episode), an episode of the TV series "Star Trek: Voyager"


* Threshold (band)
* "Threshold" (HammerFall album)
* Threshold House, a record label created by Coil
* Threshold Records, a record label created by The Moody Blues
* "Threshold," a song by Slayer on the album "God Hates Us All"


* "Threshold" (online game)
* Threshold (fictional planet), a planet in the video game "Halo"


* Threshold (comics), a comic book character
* Threshold ("Doctor Who"), an organization in "Doctor Who" comic strips


* Thresholding (image processing), a method of image segmentation
* Action potential threshold, a concept in neurophysiology
* Lasing threshold, a concept in laser science
* Sensory threshold, a concept in psychology
* Threshold of pain, a sound pressure level

Other meanings

* Election threshold, a concept in voting systems
* Displaced threshold, an aviation term
*The minimum amount to have a particular effect, e.g.:
**The tax-free threshold: the income at which income tax becomes due.
**The income above which pension is accrued.
**The amount from which a different rate applies.
**A narrow entrance.

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