Pocket (disambiguation)

Pocket (disambiguation)

A pocket is a small bag. The term may also refer to:;Communication
* Pocket Communications, a regional cellular phone company in South Texas

* Hot Pockets and Pizza Pockets, microwaveable meals of filling wrapped in crust
* Pita ("pocket bread"), a round flatbread

* Pocket-Greenhaven, Sacramento, California
* Pocket beach, a small beach between two headlands
* Pocket park, a small park

* Pocket battleship, a World War II Deutschland class cruiser
* Salients, re-entrants and pockets, battlefield features projecting into enemy territory

* Pocket Books, publisher of small paperback books

* Pocket, a feature of some types of billiards table
* Back pocket, a position on the field deep in defense in Australian rules football
* Forward pocket, a position on the field deep in offense in Australian rules football
* One-pocket, a variation of billiards
* Passing pocket, a playing area in American football
* Pocket billiards, a sub-classification of cue sports
* Pocket schedule, a foldable schedule for a sports club

;Video games
* Bemani Pocket, a series of video game consoles from Konami
* Pelican VG Pocket, an early handheld video game console
* Pocket Monsters, better known as Pokémon

* Pockets (album) by Karate
* Pockets, A 1970s funk band who released "Come go With me" in 1978
* Pocket, a hollow formed in plastic blow molding
* Pocket, a type of body modification

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