The Bisexual Option

The Bisexual Option

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release_date = 1978 (first edition), 1993 (second edition)
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pages = 215 (second edition)
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"The Bisexual Option", by Fritz Klein, MD, was the first psychological publication specifically devoted to bisexuality.Fact|date=July 2007 It was first published in 1978, with a second edition printed in 1993.


Part I: What is Bisexuality?

Chapter 1. The Threat

"Both the heterosexual and the homosexual find the bisexual threatening. The myth of the bisexual's nonexistence and the stance of "either/or" is discussed."

Chapter 2. Toward Definition

"The various dimensions, facets, and aspects of the bisexual's definition are given. The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid is explained. An analysis of cultural and biological factors of sexual orientation."

Chapter 3. "The Bisexual-Intimacy Level"

"The difference between emotional and sexual intimacy. The connection between intimacy and hetero- and homophobia. A profile of a heterosexual male who is able to be emotionally intimate with men."

Chapter 4. Sexuality and the Oedipus Complex: A New Look

"An explanation of the Oedipus Complex. The view that both homosexuals and bisexuals are able to resolve it successfully. An example showing how one bisexual male has resolved it."

Part II: Bisexuality and Health

Chapter 5. The Troubled Bisexual - The Healthy Bisexual

"Definition of neurosis and the various types of troubled bisexuals, as well as the healthy functioning of the bisexual."

Chapter 6. The Troubled Bisexual- Profiles

"Four troubled bisexuals: Nora, Walter, Ann, Donald."

Chapter 7. The Healthy Bisexual - Profiles

"Three healthy bisexuals: Harold, Hazel, Jane."

Part III: The Bisexual in Society

Chapter 8. Sociological Findings

"The lack of a bisexual community or subculture. Sociological findings by various researchers. Results of survey taken of a bisexual social group."

Chapter 9. The Bisexual in History and the Arts

"A list of famous bisexuals in past and present."

Chapter 10. The Bisexual Future: Present-Day Factors

"A discussion of the nine factors that will influence bisexuality in the future: AIDS, sex roles and stereotypes, androgyny, friendship and lovers, family, "gay lib", the women's movement and feminism, myths, dilemmas."

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*Klein Sexual Orientation Grid
*List of media portrayals of bisexuality

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