Bill may refer to:


* Billboard (advertising), a board on which to display advertising posters or displays
* Billhook, a long-handled saw (sometimes weapon) with a curved blade
* BILL Anti-tank guided weapon, a Swedish anti-tank weapon
* BILL 2 Anti-tank guided weapon, a Swedish anti-tank weapon
* Bill (payment), a document requesting payment for goods or services rendered
* Bill (proposed law), a law put before a legislature
* Bill (weapon), a weapon similar to a halberd
* Bill of lading, a document issued by a carrier receiving goods for transport
* Bill of materials, a document listing the parts needed to make a product
* Waybill, a document describing a shipment

Other objects called 'bill'

* Beak, an alternative name for a bird beak
* Paper currency or banknote, in North American usage
* Invoice, another word for a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer
* Peninsulas of land jutting out into the sea, such as the 'Portland Bill'
* Police, with 'old bill' as a slang term in the UK


* Bill (1981 film), a 1981 TV movie starring Mickey Rooney
**, sequel the 1981 film
* Bill (album), an album by "Tripping Daisy"
* Bill (film), a 2008 comedy film
* Bill (song), a song by Peggy Scott-Adams
* The Bill, a long-running British police drama
* Bill (Kill Bill), character in the "Kill Bill" films
* Bill, a song in the Jerome Kern-Oscar Hammerstein II musical "Show Boat"


* Bill is a common nickname for William. See William (name) for more information on the history of the name William. People known as Bill include:
* Alfred H. Bill, American writer
* Bill W. (Bill Wilson), co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
* Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of Tokio Hotel


* Bill Buchanan, Special Agent in Charge on tv show "24 (series)"
* Bill the Goat, mascot of the US Naval Academy
* Bill the Pony, a pony appearing in "The Lord of the Rings" novel
* Bills, a Congolese youth subculture in the late 1950s, idolising cowboy Western movies
* Buffalo Bills, an American NFL football team
* Hurricane Bill, a list of storms named Bill
* Bill, Wyoming, a railroad crew-change station
* Bill Weasley, older brother of Ron Weasley in the "Harry Potter" series

ee also

* Billy
* Billie
* Bili

Bill the duck in Animal Crossing

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