Regeneration or regenerative may refer to:

In biology:

* Bush regeneration, an ecological technique practiced in Australia
* Regeneration (biology), the ability to recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs

In literature:

* "Regeneration" (novel), a prize-winning novel by Pat Barker
* "Regeneration", a book on biological regeneration by Thomas Hunt Morgan

In film:
* "Regeneration" (film), a 1915 film staring John McCann
* "Regeneration" (1997 film), a 1997 film adapted from the Pat barker novel (released as "Behind the Lines" in the USA)

In music:

* "Regeneration" (album), a 1977 album by Roy Orbison
* "Regeneration" (Divine Comedy album), a 2001 album by Irish pop band The Divine Comedy
* "Regeneration" (Superchick album), a 2003 remix CD by Christian band Superchic [k]

In science and technology:

* Regenerative amplification, a process used to generate short but strong pulses of laser light
* Regenerative brake, an apparatus or system which allows a vehicle to recapture energy normally lost to heat when braking
* Regenerative capacitor memory, a type of computer memory that uses the electrical property of capacitance to store the bits of data
* Regenerative circuit, a circuit in electronics that allows a signal to be amplified many times
* Regenerative cooling (rocket), a process in rocket engines
* Regenerative Design, a process for sustainable development
* Hydrochloric acid regeneration, a chemical process for the reclamation of HCl from metal chloride solutions as hydrochloric acid

In Christian theology:

* Regeneration (theology), the doctrine of being born again
* Presumptive regeneration, the idea that the children of Christians will be born again because God cares for and chooses families as well as individuals

In popular culture:

* Regeneration ("Doctor Who"), a biological ability exhibited by the Time Lords in the fictional context of "Doctor Who"
* "", a video game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox video game consoles
* "Regeneration" ("Enterprise" episode), an episode of the television show "Star Trek: Enterprise"

In other fields:

* Urban regeneration, another term for urban renewal
* Regeneration (Portugal), a period in the history of Portugal

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