name = Primrose family

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image_caption = "Primula vulgaris"
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regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Magnoliopsida
ordo = Ericales
familia = Primulaceae
familia_authority = Vent.
subdivision_ranks = Genera
subdivision = See text

Primulaceae is a family of flowering plants with about 24 genera, including some favorite garden plants and wildflowers. It is also known as the primrose family.

List of Genera

*"Androsace" L. (syn. "Douglasia", "Vitaliana") – rock jasmine, rock-jasmine, rockjasmine
*"Bryocarpum" Hook. f. & Thomson
*"Cortusa" L.
*"Dionysia" Fenzl
*"Dodecatheon" L. – shooting star, shootingstar
*"Hottonia" L. – hottonia
*"Kaufmannia" Regel
*"Omphalogramma" (Franch.) Franch.
*"Pomatosace" Maxim.
*"Primula" L. – primrose, cowslip, oxlip
*"Samolus" L. – brookweed, waterpimpernel
*"Soldanella" L. – snowbells
*"Stimpsonia" C.Wright ex A.Gray

The following genera, traditionally included in Primulaceae, should, according to Källersjö "et al." (2000), belong to the family Myrsinaceae:
*"Anagallis" L. – anagallis, scarlet pimpernel
*"Ardisiandra" Hook. f.
*"Asterolinon" Hoffmans. & Link.
*"Coris" L.
*"Cyclamen" L. – cyclamen
*"Glaux" L. – sea milkwort
*"Lysimachia" L. – loosestrife, yellow loosestrife, yellow pimpernel
*"Pelletiera" A. St.-Hil.
*"Trientalis" L.


[ Primulaceae (RBG Kew)]

Källersjö, M., G. Bergqvist & A. A. Anderberg. 2000. Generic realignment in primuloid families of the Ericales s. l.: a phylogenetic analysis based on DNA sequences from three chloroplast genes and morphology. "Amer. J. Bot". 87: 1325–1341.

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