Among the Betrayed

Among the Betrayed

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author = Margaret Peterson Haddix
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release_date = June 1, 2002
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preceded_by = Among the Impostors
followed_by = Among the Barons

Margaret Peterson Haddix, have been taken to quell overpopulation. It is the third of seven novels in the "Shadow Children" series.

Plot introduction

plot revolves around an overpopulated world and the Government’s procrustean attempts to arrest the symptoms of population growth and scarcity amongst the Earth's resources. In this turmoil, the democratic government has been overthrown and a totalitarian Government has been put in its place. Laws established by the regime prohibit a family

Plot summary

"Among the Betrayed" is the first book not told from the view of Luke Garner, but rather from that of Nina Idi, the girl who was arrested with Jason Barstow at the end of "Among the Impostors". Unlike Jason, who was a member of the Population Police, Nina was another third child who became Jason's pawn.

Nina Idi, a third-child, wakes up in a jail cell. Nina reluctantly left a dreary but emotionally comfortable life with her three elderly aunts and grandmother to live at Harlow's School for Girls. After she fell in love with Jason Barstow, a boy at a nearby school, she was accused of trying to find third children in her school and was arrested by the Population Police along with Jason.

Nina is given two options after a frightening Population Police official, "The Hating Man" interviews her: get three other prisoners to admit they are shadow children and be spared, or refuse to cooperate, and be killed immediately. Emotionally torn, she is moved into a different cell with three other children, Matthias, Percy, and Alia, shadow children who are even younger than she, orphaned, and have no chance of survival.As Nina cautiously befriends them, she struggles with Jason's betrayal and whether or not she should do the same. The three children escape and find their way to Hendrick's School for Boys. They live in the outdoor garden until they are caught by Lee Grant (Luke Garner) and Trey. Nina trusts Mattias, Percy and Alia so much that she spares herself and stays there to let the others go and stay but they stayed on and held onto her to not let here go , and gives them a head start to escape. The Hating Man reveals himself to be Mr. Talbot, a rescuer of third children. He put Nina through a test to see if she really was a third child, and she passed. She is also told that Jason did not betray her and jason is not dead on the other hand is still working for the population police. Also Nina volunteers herself to fight the population police.

Main Characters

Matthias,Percy,Alia,Mr.Talbot (the hating man),Luke Garner,Trey,Mr. Hendricks,andNina Idi

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