In telecommunications and fiber optics, ovality or noncircularity is the degree of deviation from perfect circularity of the cross section of the core or cladding of the fiber.

The cross-sections of the core and cladding are assumed to a first approximation to be elliptical. Quantitatively, the ovality of either the core or cladding is expressed as \frac {2(a-b)} {a+b}, where a is the length of the major axis and b is the length of the minor axis. The dimensionless quantity so obtained may be multiplied by 100 to express ovality as a percentage. Alternatively, ovality of the core or cladding may be specified by a tolerance field consisting of two concentric circles, within which the cross section boundaries must lie.


In chemistry

In computational chemistry, especially in QSAR[1] studies, ovality[2] refers to, a measure of how the shape of a molecule approaches a sphere (at one extreme) or a cigar shape (at the other). Ovality is described by a ratio of volume to area:

O = A/(4*pi*((3*V)/4*pi)^(2/3))


A : Area V : Volume O : Ovality

The ovality of the He atom is 1.0 and HC24H (12 triple bonds) is ~1.7.

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