Zoom may refer to:

* An example of onomatopoeia that indicates swiftness
* Zoom lens and digital zoom, in photography and computer programs
** In motion picture production, a camera movement requiring a zoom lens ("zoom in/out")
** Page zooming
* Zoom climb in aviation


* Zoom Airlines, a Canadian based, low-cost trans-atlantic airline under administration
*Zoom Airlines Limited, a British based sister airline also under administration
* Zoom Corporation, a Japanese audio company, distributed in the U.S. under the Samson family of companies
* Zoom Technologies, a modem manufacturer located in Boston, Massachusetts
* Zoom Developers, a diversified fast growing Indian group


* "ZOOM", a children's television show created by PBS
* zOOm, an Indian entertainment and lifestyle television channel.


* "Zoom", a song by The Commodores
* "Zoom" (album), an album by Electric Light Orchestra, released in 2001
* "Zoom", an album by Tata Young, released in 2007
* "Zoom" (Lil Boosie Song), a 2006 song by American rapper Lil Boosie
* "Zoom" (Soda Stereo Song), a song by Argentinian rock band Soda Stereo
* "Zoom" (Dr. Dre song), a song by Dr. Dre & LL Cool J
* Zoom (song), a song released in 1982 by Fat Larry's Band
* "Zoom!", a song by Super Furry Animals from their album "Love Kraft"
* Billy Zoom (b. Tyson Kindell), an American guitarist and founder of X


* "Zoom" (film), a 2006 film starring Tim Allen
* "Zoom" (game), a computer game
* Zoom Schwartz Profigliano, a drinking game often referred to simply as Zoom
* "Zoom" (comics), an enemy of the DC Comics character The Flash; one of the Reverse-Flashes.
* Zuum (Monster Rancher), a fictional character

ee also

*Zoom In, a teen produced news and entertainment show which broadcasts in the San Francisco Bay Area on cable channels 27 and 29
* Rump Shaker, a song by Wreckx-N-Effect that features the expression "Zooma-Zoom-Zoom-Zoom" in its chorus

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