Articular processes

Articular processes

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Latin = p. articularis inferior vertebrae, p. articularis superior vertebrae,
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Caption = A cervical vertebra. (Superior and inferior processes labeled at right.)

Caption2 = A thoracic vertebra. (Superior labeled at top; inferior labeled at bottom.)
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The articular processes or zygapophyses (Greek ζυγον = "yoke" (because it links two vertebrae) + απο = "away" + φυσις = "process") of a vertebra, two superior and two inferior, spring from the junctions of the pedicles and laminæ. These stick out of an end of a vertebra to lock with a zygapophysis on the next vertebra, to make the backbone more stable.

* The superior processes project upward from a lower vertebra, and their articular surfaces are directed more or less backward.
* The inferior processes project downward from a higher vertebra, and their articular surfaces are directed more or less forward and outward.

The articular surfaces are coated with hyaline cartilage.

ee also

* Zygapophyseal joint
* Pars interarticularis


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* - "Lumbar Vertebral Column, Posterolateral View"
* - "Superior and lateral views of typical vertebrae."

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