Al Jabal al Akhdar

Al Jabal al Akhdar

Al Jabal al Akhdar ( _ar. الجبل الأخضر ) is one of the municipalities of Libya. It is in the north-east of the country. Its capital is Al Bayda.

In its territory, close to the city of Shahhat, can be found the remains of the old Greek colony of Cyrene, and the neighbouring city of Apollonia, a major port in the Mediterranean Sea in Antiquity.

In its southern part is the fertile upland area of Jebel Akhdar. North of this is a dry, sub-desert area between the uplands and the Mediterranean on its northern edge. On land, it borders the following municipalities:
*Al Qubah - east
*Al Wahat - south
*Al Marj - west

Towns and villages

Ahqaf al Jabbarat, Ahqaf al Jabhiyah, Ahqaf ar Ruzat, Al Bayda', Al Fa'idiyah, Al Haniyah, As Safsaf, At Taban, Bi'r Bin Ghunaymah, Kaf Miyas, Khadra', Kuhuf Tuhudiyah, Mansurah, Marawah, Massah, Qandulah, Qaryat `Umar al Mukhtar, Qirnadah, Shahhat, Suluntah, Susah, `Umar al Mukhtar, Zawiyat al `Urqub

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