Fear Itself (Doctor Who)

Fear Itself (Doctor Who)

title=Fear Itself
series=Past Doctor Adventures
featuring=Eighth Doctor Fitz Kreiner, Anji Kapoor

writer=Nick Wallace
publisher=BBC Books
isbn=ISBN 0-563-48634-1
set_between="EarthWorld" and "Vanishing Point"
date=September 2005
preceding="Spiral Scratch"
following="World Game"|

"Fear Itself" is a BBC Books original novel written by Nick Wallace and based on the long-running British science fiction television series "Doctor Who". It features the Eighth Doctor, Fitz and Anji.

This was the first and only Past Doctor Adventure to feature the Eighth Doctor, as the original novels featuring that incarnation formed their own series, the Eighth Doctor Adventures. However, with the 2005 revival of the television series, and the BBC's New Series Adventures being published, the Eighth Doctor Adventures came to an end.


"Fear Itself" won Best Book in the 2005 Jade Pagoda awards, voted on by members of a "Doctor Who" book mailing list. In the same awards, Nick Wallace won best new new author. [http://www.bondegezou.demon.co.uk/jp/jpawards.htm]

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