Buffalo most commonly refers to:
* Various mammals of the Bovinae subfamily (bovines), including
** Domestic water buffalo
** Wild Asian Water Buffalo
** African Buffalo
** The American Bison, often called "Buffalo", though this is considered inaccurate
* Buffalo, New York, a U.S. city (the name is apparently not connected with the animal)

Buffalo may also refer to:


* Buffalo, any of various wild oxen of the family Bovidae, suspected to be related to the "Bubalus" genus either directly or through the more distant "Syncerus" genus
* Mountain Anoa ("Bubalus quarlesi")
* "Bison", a genus that includes the following that are sometimes called "buffalo"
** Wisent ("Bison bonasus"), also called "European Bison"
* White buffalo, bison that are white in color
* Gaur ("Bos gaurus") sometimes called the Indian Buffalo
* African buffalo ("Syncerus caffer"), the buffalo native to Africa

* Sweet grass ("Hierochloe odorata"), also known as "buffalo grass"
* Buffalo bean, certain "Fabaceae"
* Buffalo grass ("Buchloe dactyloides"), a lawn-grass substitute


* Buffalo, Puerto Rico
* Buffalo, New York
* Buffalo, Illinois
* Buffalo, Indiana
* Buffalo, Iowa
* Buffalo, Kansas
* Buffalo, Minnesota
* Buffalo, Missouri
* Buffalo, North Dakota
* Buffalo, Oklahoma
* Buffalo, South Carolina
* Buffalo, South Dakota
* Buffalo, Texas
* Buffalo, West Virginia
* Buffalo, Marquette County, Wisconsin
* Buffalo, Wyoming
* Buffalo County, Nebraska
* Buffalo County, South Dakota
* Buffalo County, Wisconsin
** Buffalo, Buffalo County, Wisconsin
** Buffalo City, Wisconsin
* Buffalo Grove, Illinois
* Buffalo Township, Minnesota
* Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania, one of four townships in Pennsylvania
* New Buffalo, Michigan
* Buffalo Gap National Grassland, a National Grassland located in South Dakota
* Buffalo Bayou, a main waterway flowing through Houston, Texas
* Buffalo River (several)
* Buffalo Creek (several)
* Buffalo Central Terminal, a key railroad station from the 1920s through the 1970s
* Buffalo Bill's, a hotel and casino in Primm, Nevada
* University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Military units

* Buffalo (mine protected vehicle), a military vehicle that allows its operator to examine land mines safely
* HMS "Buffalo", one of several British Royal Navy ships
* USS "Buffalo", one of several United States Navy ships
* Buffalo Soldier, a nickname for several regiments of the United States Army
* Brewster Buffalo, or Brewster F2A, a U.S. fighter plane which saw extensive service with both Allied and Axis air forces during World War II
* de Havilland Canada DHC-5 "Buffalo", a V-STOL aircraft produced between 1964 to 1987
* Landing Vehicle Tracked (sometimes designated "Buffalo" or "Water Buffalo"), an amphibious vehicle used by Allied forces during World War II

Sports teams

* Buffalo Bills, a professional American football team based in Buffalo, New York
* Buffalo Bisons (disambiguation), one of several sports teams from Buffalo, New York
* Buffalo Braves, an NBA basketball team from 1970-1978, now the Los Angeles Clippers
* Buffalo Sabres, a professional ice hockey team based in Buffalo, New York
* Colorado Buffaloes, or Buffs, the intercollegiate athletic teams of the University of Colorado
* South African national Australian rules football team, nicknamed the Buffaloes
* Vientiane Buffalos RUFC, a semi-pro rugby union football club from Vientiane, Lao P.D.R., comprised mostly of expatriate players
* Wichita Southeast High School, whose mascot is the Buffalo


"See Also: Chief Buffalo (disambiguation)"

* Buffalo Bird Woman (1839–1932), Hidatsa author
* Buffalo Bill (1845–1917), an American soldier, buffalo hunter and showman
* Chief Buffalo ("Gichi-weshki" 1759-1855) Ojibwe leader
* White Buffalo (chief) (1862­­–1929), chief of the Northern Cheyenne
* Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance (1890–1932), journalist, soldier and Native American impostor
* Buffalo Bob Smith (1917–1998), host of the children's show Howdy Doody
* Black Buffalo Woman, the first wife of Crazy Horse
* Buffalo Calf Road Woman, Cheyenne heroine
* Buffalo Hump, Comanche leader
* Buffalo Six, six Yemeni-Americans convicted of supporting al-Qaeda
* Johnson W. Greybuffalo (born 1974), murderer
* Beshekee, (Buffalo) an Ojibwa chief of the Leech Lake Band

Other uses

Arts and entertainment

* "Buffalo ’66", a 1998 film by writer/director Vincent Gallo
* "Buffalo" (album), a live album by Frank Zappa
* Buffalo (band), a pioneering Australian heavy metal band
* Buffalo (drinking game), a drinking game especially popular in Iceland
* Buffalo Man, character on most Jamiroquai album covers
* Grant Lee Buffalo, a 1990s rock band
* World's Largest Buffalo, a 60 ton sculpture of an American Bison located in Jamestown, North Dakota
* "American Buffalo" (play), a 1976 play by David Mamet


* Buffalo Technology, one of several divisions of the Japanese Melco Group
* Buffalo network-attached storage series of storage devices
* BUFFALO ("Bit User Fast Friendly Aid to Logical Operations"), a monitor program for the Freescale 68HC11 microcontroller


* American Buffalo (coin), a one ounce 24-karat gold bullion coin introduced by the United States Mint on 22nd June 2006
* Buffalo nickel (see Indian Head nickel), an American nickel five-cent piece minted from 1913 to 1938


* Buffalo Airways, a family-run charter and scheduled airline based in Hay River, Canada
* Buffalo (1901 automobile), a US automobile
* Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company, a US automobile company
* Buffalo (1872 - 1892), one of the ten South Devon Railway Buffalo class steam locomotives


* Buffalo Boots, a brand of shoe
* Buffalo English, or Buffalonian, a variety of English found in Buffalo, New York
* Buffalo wings, unbreaded chicken wing sections, deep-fried and coated in a spicy sauce
* The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, a fraternal organisation
* Silver Buffalo Award, the Boy Scouts of America's highest commendation
* Buffalo, a West London rude boy fashion trend, celebrated in Neneh Cherry's song "Buffalo Stance"
* Buffaloes, a term for Belgians who immigrated to the United States in the early 20th century, travelling through the city of Buffalo, New York, on their way to Detroit and Chicago
* An archaic term for "pistol whip"

See also

* New Buffalo (disambiguation)
* Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, a grammatical sentence
* Buffalo Soldier (disambiguation)

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