Horn may refer to:
* Horn (anatomy), the pointed projection of the skin of various animals, as an organ or its material
* Horn (surname)

In music and sound
* Horn (instrument), sometimes called a "French horn," a brass musical instrument constructed of coiled tubing
* Horn section of a band or orchestra
* Blowing horn, winding horn or age-old rudimentary sound device
* Horn (acoustic), an open-ended tapered sound-guide
* horn speaker, a loudspeaker
* Bullhorn, or Megaphone, a device used to amplify one's voice
* Bukkehorn, ancient Norwegian musical instrument
* Train horn, for use on diesel and electric locomotives, as opposed to a steam whistle.
* Foghorn, navigation aid for mariners
* Car horn, or Klaxon, also used on trains and ships
* A Shofar. A ritual horn in the Jewish religion.
* A Dungchen. A ritual horn used in Tibetan Buddhism.

In geography
* Horn of Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti
* Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America
* Horn, Austria
* Horn (district) in Austria
* Horn (Netherlands), a village in the municipality of Haelen
* Horn, Rutland, a small civil parish in England
* Horn, Switzerland
* Glacial horn, a sharp pyramidal peak on a mountain, created by glacial erosion
* Horn, Germany, a municipality in the district of Rhein-Hunsrück in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
* Horn, Sweden

In science
* Horn (telecommunications), an open-ended radio waveguide of increasing cross-sectional area
* Horn (telescope), a stationary radio telescope
* Horn Antenna, constructed, to support Project Echo, and used in the discovery of Cosmic microwave background radiation
* Horn clause in mathematical logic.

In fiction and mythology
*Gjallarhorn, the sounding horn or ringing horn of the god Heimdall, used to announce Ragnarok
*"King Horn", a 13th century Middle English romance story.
* Horn of Gondor carried by Boromir in the "Lord Of The Rings"
* Horn (Chinese constellation), a constellation in Chinese astronomy, known as one of the Eastern mansions of the Azure Dragon
* Hörn, another name for the goddess Freyja in Norse mythology.

In slang usage
* Hook 'em Horns is a hand gesture expressing support for the above teams
* "Horn" is military jargon for a telephone, as in "Get on the horn"
* "Horns" is a shortened version of Texas Longhorns, the sports teams of the University of Texas in Austin
* "Devil horns" is a hand gesture, the Corna, with a vulgar meaning in Mediterranean countries, also used in heavy metal
* "Horned" and variants can mean cuckolded.
* Horn, a baseball Hat-trick, when a player strikes out six times in one game.

In other uses
* Around the Horn, ESPN sports program
* Horn clause, a term in formal logic
* Drinking horn, an ancient drinking vessel
* Anointing horn, used for the unction at a coronation
* Horn (diacritic), a diacritic mark used to indicate that a normally rounded vowel such as "o" or "u" is to be pronounced unrounded
* Horn-rimmed glasses
* Horn, a smoking pipe shaped like a bull's horn or as a bent cone, as described in Sherlock Holmes stories
* Horn of Plenty, or Cornucopia, also known as the Horn of Amalthea

ee also

* Hoorn, city in the Netherlands
* Horne, disambiguation page
* Horny, disambiguation page
* Corne, French word for horn

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