__NOTOC__The word fuse has several meanings:
* Fuse (electrical), a device used in electrical systems to protect against excessive current.
* Fuse (hydraulic), a device used in hydraulic systems to protect against sudden loss of fluid pressure
* Fuse (explosives), a trigger for an explosive device or fireworks, also spelled "fuze" to distinguish between a simple burning fuse and one which contains mechanical and/or electronic components


* FUSE (Certified Open Source SOA Solution), IONA Open Source SOA Infrastructure
* Field Upgradeable Systems Environment, a re-configurable lightweight operating system created to support development on Nallatech FPGA systems
* Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE), a Linux kernel module also available for FreeBSD, NetBSD OpenSolaris and Mac OS X
* Fuse (emulator), the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator
* Fuse (programming), a component of a Fusebox computer program


* Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer, a space-based ultraviolet telescope and spectroscope


* "Fuse" (Fuse album), a 1969 album by Fuse (featuring Tom Petersson and Rick Nielsen, later of Cheap Trick)
* "Fuse" (Joe Henry album), a 1999 album by Joe Henry
* "Fuse" (Colin James album), a 2000 album by Colin James
* "Fused" (Tony Iommi album), a 2005 album by Tony Iommi
* "The Fuse", an album by Pennywise
* F.U.S.E., an alias for electronic artist Richie Hawtin


* "Fuse" (film), a 2003 film by Pjer Žalica, original Bosnian title "Gori vatra"
* Fuse is the last name of Kazuki from the anime film,


* Fuse Games, a game developer
* Fuse (consumer electronics), a consumer electronics company started by Tony Fadell
* Fuse TV, an American cable television station


* Fuse (confections), a chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury's
* Fuse, Shimane (布施村; -mura), a village located in Oki District, Shimane, Japan
* Fuse (radio program), a musical radio program on CBC

ee also

*Fusion (disambiguation)
*Flare (pyrotechnic), also known as a fusee
*Fusee (disambiguation)

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