Triosaurus Cave

Triosaurus Cave

Triosaurus Cave is located at 56M 0352037, 9425813 in the Nakanai Mountains of East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.


The cave was discovered during the Untamed Rivers of New Britain Expedition in 2006.

On Sunday 12th February, Dave Clucas, Dave Gill and Herb Laeger discovered an insignificant entrance in an obvious sink. The entrance, which was approximately 40cm x 60cm, was widened with a hammer to enable easier passage. The surrounding limestone was very soft and friable and easily broken. The passage walls showed high levels of solution by water indicating much flood activity. This resulted in sharp protrusions which impeded progress by catching on everything and, when stood on, very often broke away, creating an additional hazard.Inside the entrance the passage widened to one metre and descended steeply to a boulder strewn floor in a south-easterly heading rift-like passage some four metres high. After eighteen metres the passage came to a twenty nine metre pitch with a ledge six metres down. The passage beyond continued for ten metres in a southerly direction before ending in a boulder and silt choke.

The [ survey] showed that the water probably sinks into the Upstream Ora Cave.

Cave Statistics

*Total length of survey legs = 61.63m
*Total plan length of survey legs = 28.89m
*Total vertical length of survey legs = 43.18m
*Vertical range = 43.18m
*North-South range = 23.68m
*East-West range = 5.61m


Personal notes of expedition member Dave Clucas

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