Cannon (comics)

Cannon (comics)


comic_color= background: #8080ff
real_name=Mitchell Saunders
debut= "StormWatch #2"
creators = Brandon Choi
Jim Lee
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powers=Ability to project plasma blasts; ability to fly|

Cannon is the name of a comic book character from Wildstorm. He was also a member of StormWatch.


First appointed field leader of StormWatch Two, a team made of Fahrenheit, Lancer and Ion, his first mission in Chernobyl nuclear plant was a catastrophic failure. Ion and Lancer were KIA and Fahrenheit and Winter (who was accompanying them due to his energy absorption power) were captured. He barely made it out with the help of Winter.

He was given a second opportunity to command a team for a civilians rescue mission in Rwanda. But facing the atrocities of the opposing factions, he lost his self control. Were it not for Diva getting in the way, he would have executed the soldiers.

Afterward, he was never given command again. Instead, he was sent as support fire complement with Fahrenheit. During various missions, he showed little respect for authority and usually tried to fight on his own, leading his team in perilous situations.

All this cost him the leadership of StormWatch One after Battalion's death. At this time, he was having a relationship with Diva, and really disliked when she was appointed to the position he thought was rightfully his. So he resigned.

After a short personal crusade against Gamorra's Hunter-Killers' facilities, he was contacted by Winter to participate in an action to prevent a coup by a communist faction in ex-USSR.

When Bendix reorganized the teams after the Fire From Heaven episode, he was evicted. Afterwards, we saw him battling Grifter while Cannon was trying to infiltrate an arm dealing network.

In the recent Authority Prime miniseries, it is stated after the Grifter incident that he was delivered to Henry Bendix and placed into the stormwatch cryo-prison. When the power was cut he only survived due to his powers, and was left with grudge against Jenny Sparks for her involvement.

After the Worldstorm revamp of the Wildstorm Universe, Cannon has been shown to again be a member of Stormwatch Prime.

Powers and Abilities

Cannon is a "seedling" (mutant), whose power enables him to fire awesome plasma projections. He can use these projection to propel him, granting fast flight ability.

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