In the publishing industry, an imprint can refer to two different things:

* It can mean a brand name under which a work is published. One single publishing company may have multiple imprints; the different imprints are used by the publisher to market the work to different demographic consumer segments. In some cases, the diversity results from the takeover of smaller publishers (or parts of their business) by a larger company. This usage of the word has evolved from the old practice of calling the printing of publisher's name at the bottom of publication's title page an imprint.
* It can also refer to a finer distinction than "edition"—used to distinguish, for example different printings, or printing runs of the same edition, or to distinguish the same edition produced by a different publisher or printer. With the creation of the "ISBN" identification system, which is assigned to a text prior to its printing, a different imprint has effectively come to mean a text with a different ISBN—if one had been assigned to it.

Examples of imprints/publishing brand names

Below are a few examples of imprints (in the meaning of brand names), sorted by publishing company in alphabetical order. It shows the diversity of imprints and how widely they are used in the publishing industry. This list is intended to show examples, not be a comprehensive list, so no more than a few imprints per publishing house are given. Notice that it is possible for imprints to be organized under a publisher that is itself an imprint of an even larger publishing house.

**Airiti Press

*Dark Horse Comics
**DH Press

*Devil's Due Publishing
**Chaos! Comics

*DC Comics
**All Star
**Homage Comics
**Humanoids Publishing
**Milestone Media
**Paradox Press
**Piranha Press

*Elsevier - a.o.:
**Churchill Livingstone
**Academic Press
**Baillière Tindall

*Hachette Book Group USA

**Avon Books
**Ecco Press
**Harper & Row
**Regan Books
**William Morrow & Company

*Horizon Scientific Press
**Caister Academic Press
**Horizon Bioscience
**ABC Daytime Press
**ESPN Books
**Miramax Books

*Llewellyn Worldwide
**Midnight Ink

*Macmillan Publishers
**Farrar, Straus & Giroux
**Pan Books
**St. Martins Press
**Tor Books

*Marvel Comics
***The Shadowline Saga
**Marvel 2099
**Marvel Knights
**Marvel Next
**Ultimate Marvel
**New Universe

*Penguin Books
**Puffin Books (for children's literature)
**Allen Lane
**E.P. Dutton
**Ladybird Books (stand-alone)
**Michael Joseph
**The Complete Idiot's Guide
**Dorling Kindersley
**Penguin Special (defunct)
**Peregrine Books (defunct)

*Random House
**Ballantine Books
***Del Rey Books
****Del Rey Manga
**Chatto and Windus
**Alfred A. Knopf
***Vintage Books
****Vintage Classics
**Anchor Books
**Clarkson Potter

*Scholastic Press
**Arthur A. Levine Books

**Flower Comics

*Simon & Schuster
**Pocket Books
**The Free Press

*St. Martin's Press
**St. Martin's Griffin
**St. Martin's Minotaur
**Picador USA
**Thomas Dunne Books
**Truman Talley Books

**Manga Novels

*Wharton School
**Wharton School Publishing

*Workman Publishing
**Algonquin Books
**Black Dog & Leventhal
**Storey Publishing
**Timber Press
**HighBridge Audio

Incorrect use of the word on websites

The word imprint or masthead is sometimes used on international websites. This is usually a mistake based on the incorrect translation of German websites which are required by German law to contain an "Impressum" (legals, website details).

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