COMSEC equipment

COMSEC equipment

COMSEC equipment is equipment designed to provide security to telecommunications (COMSEC) using cryptography.

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COMSEC Equipment designated as telecommunications security (TSEC), Joint Electronic Type Designation System, and controlled cryptographic item (CCI). They provide security to telecommunications by scrambling information, unintellegible to an unauthorized interceptor, later, converting it to its original form for authorized recipients. The equipment designed to aid in scrambling format. Note: COMSEC equipment includes crypto-equipment, crypto-support equipment, cryptoproduction equipment, and authentication equipment.

* NSA encryption systems

STU-III (Type 1)
Motorola STU-III / SECTEL 1500(July 01, 2007)
AT&T STU-III(March 10, 2006)
STU-III (Type 2)
Type 2 STU-III.(March 10, 2006)
STU-III (Type 3)
Type 3 STU-III.(March 10, 2006)
Motorola STU-III / SECTEL MMT/DNVT Adapter(July 01, 2007)

STE (the new generation).(July 01, 2007)

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