Bacchae (comics)

Bacchae (comics)


publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Fantastic Four" vol. 3 #7
base=Tartarus, Wall Street
members=Bloody Mary

The Bacchae are a fictional group of woman warriors serving under Hippolyta as instruments of Pluto's will in the Marvel Comics universe.

Fictional history

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons

In ancient times Hippolyta and her sisters set about war mongering various lands. In each attack she would steal female children, raising them to be her faithful warriors. This gave rise to the origin of the mythological Amazons. Hippolyta served as their queen and she called them her Bacchae. This arrangement served for many years until the arrival of Hercules.


Hercules eventually arrived at Themyscira, the home of the Amazons, with some other famous heroes (Jason, Theseus, and Telamon). Together they wiped out the Amazons while trying to capture their queen's golden girdle. Theseus, the second most important person on the ship, kidnapped who he thought was the Queen of the Amazons but was actually the Queens sister Antiope who had dressed up like Hyppolyta to protect her.

Forming the Bacchae

Hippolyta, being immortal, then decided to re-start her Bacchae cult in order to advance her standing in modern day. She did this by initiating female street people and runaways, providing them with weapons and fighting skills. This modern day Bacchae also became former associates of the Golden Horde and once sought vengeance on the Invisible Woman for interfering with their affairs.


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