Bounty (comics)

Bounty (comics)


publisher=Marvel Comics
alliances=Fantastic Four

Bounty is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. She is a space bounty hunter who "always gets her man."

Fictional character biography

Bounty has, on several occasions, had run-ins with superheroes in the Earth 616 continuity, including the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. She has displayed signs of incredible strength, a heightened sense of smell, a knowledge of how to use many different weapons and a very high biological resistance for Earth's alcohol.

In the past (on Earth), she has damaged the Fantastic Four's headquarters, had romantic feelings for The Thing, was formally associated with The Bacchae, fought against Spider-Man, and interfered with a "gang" dispute between The Golden Horde and The Bacchae.

While being known as a great fighter with something of a temper, she also shows her feminine side when dealing with people she feels she can open up to or get what she wants from them.

The Initiative

Bounty is being considered as a "potential recruit" for the program, according to "Civil War: Battle Damage Report".

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