Swag (disambiguation)

Swag (disambiguation)

Swag may refer to:
* SWAG is an acronym for the Sourceware Archive Group, a collection of source code and program examples in the Pascal programming language.
* Swag, in Australian usage, a term for a portable shelter usually containing belongings traditionally carried by a traveller in the bush in Australia and New Zealand
* In British usage, a term for loot taken by a thief or burglar - see also looting
* In American colloquial usage, a term for promotional items, gifts to the general public, or a souvenir of a special event
* Swag valance, an ornamental window dressing draped in a curve between two points.
* "SWAG" (TV series), British television programme catching "ordinary people" doing crime, and then humiliating them
* "Swag" (novel), 1976 crime novel by Elmore Leonard
* "Swag" (Gilby Clarke album), 2002 album by Gilby Clarke
* SWAG is an acronym for Naval Special Warfare Group.

Swag can also mean:
* Wreath, garland or fabric suspended from two points - see also festoon
* Subsidence in the surface of the earth

Invented acronyms in modern slang

The modern usage of the word "swag" has been subject of a number of acronyms [http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/Scientific+Wild+Ass+Guess] , usually for humorous effect, such as "Scientific Wild-Ass Guess", or backronyms, such as "Stuff We All Get" (in reference to the word's American usage). While use of the word "swag" can be cited as far back as 700 years [http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-swa2.htm] , slang acronyms such as these are modern inventions, and as with all backronyms, are not related to the word's true etymology.

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