Infraorbital nerve

Infraorbital nerve

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Latin = n. infraorbitalis
GraySubject = 200
GrayPage = 889

Caption = Left orbicularis oculi, seen from behind. (Infraorbital nerve labeled at lower left.)

Caption2 = Sensory areas of the head, showing the general distribution of the three divisions of the fifth nerve. (Infraorbital nerve labeled at center left, at the nose.)
Innervates =
BranchFrom = maxillary nerve
BranchTo =
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DorlandsPre = n_05
DorlandsSuf = 12565913
After the maxillary nerve enters the infraorbital canal, the nerve is frequently called the infraorbital nerve. This nerve innervates the lower eyelid, upper lip, and part of the vestibule and exits the infraorbital foramen of the maxilla.

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* infraorbital artery
* external nasal nerve


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