Aaron B. Grosh

Aaron B. Grosh

Reverend Aaron B. Grosh ( died March 27, 1884) was one of the seven founders of the Grange. He had a major part in the design of the Grange ritual and was also responsible for the various songs used during various celebrations of the Grange. Grosh accepted a position in the Department of Agriculture soon after its establishment. He penned a volume for members of the Grange to enable them a better understanding of the organization and its teachings. He also authored the "Odd Fellows Improved Manual" for the same purpose.

The other founders of the Grange were: Oliver Hudson Kelley, William Saunders, Francis M. McDowell, John Trimble, John R. Thompson, William M. Ireland and Caroline A. Hall.


* [http://www.ctstategrange.org/Founderspage.asp "The Founders of the Grange"]

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