List of Virtual Dungeon monsters

List of Virtual Dungeon monsters

This is a list of fictional antagonist monster characters featured in the television series "VR Troopers", specifically those commanded by the villain character Grimlord, who reside in the Virtual Dungeon. The footage of these characters is taken from the Japanese tokusatsu series "Choujinki Metalder" and "Jikuu Senshi Spielban", two of the three such series that "VR Troopers" is adapted from.

Mutants and cyborgs list

Here is a comprehensive list of several other Mutants and Cyborgs they infested the Dungeon (in order of appearance by episode airdate), but made one or few other appearances in the series:


* First Appearance: "The Battle Begins, Part 1" (09/03/94)
* Voice Actor: Tom Wyner

Kongbot is the first robot that JB and Kaitlin faced as VR Troopers. This member of General Ivar's Machine Men army is a gorilla robot with large, spiked, mace-like fists. Kongbot could launch his fists that exploded upon impact, which he did with his left fist. Kongbot had the upper hand in the fight against the VR Troopers, until Professor Hart informed JB that he has a Laser Lance weapon. JB used the Laser Lance command to destroy Kongbot.


* First Appearance: "Error in the System" (09/14/94)
* Voice Actor: Tom Wyner

In the third episode of VR Troopers, Grimlord creates a computer virus to infect all computer systems, including Professor Hart. This allows Grimlord impersonate the Professor and send the Troopers into danger, and on decoy missions. Specifically, JB alone fights Metaborg, while Ryan and Katlin are on a wild goose chase.

Metaborg belongs to General Ivar's Machine Men army. He first assumes the form of a small tank-like robot, and later transforms into a humanoid. Not only is Metaborg himself strong, but he outnumberes JB with the help of Grimlord's Quantum Cruisers. When the rest of the team caught up to JB, they weakened Metaborg with the VR Double Team, and recharged JB, who then destroyed Metaborg with his Laser Lance command.


* First Appearance: "Lost Memories" (09/15/94)
* Voice Actor: Gardner Baldwin

The samurai/laser themed robot of General Ivar's Machine Men army attacked the Earth during the same time period when Ryan lost his memory. Laserbot fires lasers from the concealed blasters on his arms. In battle, JB blasted the gem in the center of Laserbot's head, causing him to lose some of his power. Laserbot meets his demise courtesy of JB's Laser Lance command.

Laserbot appears again in Season 2, alongside Shoulderbot, to fight against JB in a "Dream Battle". JB once again defeats him, this time only by breaking the gem-like apparatus. Laserbot is a member of General Ivar's Machine Men army.

The Eliminator

* First Appearance: "Battle For the Books" (09/16/94)
* Voice Actor: Gardner Baldwin

This member of General Ivar's Machine Men army resembles the older, boxy computers. It specializes in information, and attacked the Central Library. Unlike other members of Grimlord's army, The Eliminator demonstrates no language abilities. It can, however predict all of JB's moves before they are used, using downloaded battle information, preventing JB from successfully attacking the robot. Every anticipated maneuver is displayed on a monitor on The Eliminator's chest. It lacks battle information on Kaitlin, however, so when she and JB team up for VR Double Team it is stunned long enough for JB to destroy it with his "Laser Lance Command".

lice and Dice: Swordbot Brothers

* First Appearance: "Oh Brother" (09/19/94)
* Voice Actors: Michael Sorich (Slice's first voice), Tony Oliver (Dice's first voice), Mike Reynolds (Dice's second voice), Brad Orchard (Slice's second voice, Dice's third voice), Richard Epcar (Dice's fourth voice, Slice's third voice)

The Swordbot Brothers are recurring villains. Slice wields a sword while Dice uses a naginata. After Ryan defeats them the first time, they give a clue that his father, Tyler Steele, still survives. The brothers return throughout the first season. Ryan faces Slice after Air Stryker and Fighterbot destroy Tyler Steele's mountain lab and later when he assists Rollbot, only to be defeated when Ryan tosses him on a landmine. Dice participates in Grimlord's obstacle course and later went one on one with Ryan to prevent him from saving Pointdexter while he repaired the Virtualizers, but Ryan defeats Dice with the Internal Gyro Command. In Season 2, after the self-destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Slice and Dice survive as mere heads. They attack Ryan but are soon destroyed, managing to inflict some pain on the weakened Ryan as well. The brothers fit the category of Decimator's army.


* First Appearance: "Grimlord's Challenge" (09/20/94)
* Voice Actor: Tom Wyner

This hammer wielding robot works for Grimlord. He is referred to as unbeatable, and destroys Zelton's The "Invincible" Blade to prove the strength of Decimator's army. Hammerbot is defeated, but not destroyed, when Ryan breaks of his helmet. Ryan almost destroys him with his own hammer while Hammerbot is defenseless, but decides to spare his life, since the VR Troopers fight fair. Regardless, his fate is unknown as he is never seen again. Hammerbot fits the category of Decimator's army.

NOTE: In Metalder, Hammerbot (or BenK) leaves the Empire after losing his battle. He is later shown saving a captive family, which costs him his life when the Mutant Skugs (or Shadow Light Fighters) attack and destroy him.

The Blade

* First Appearance: "Grimlord's Challenge" (09/20/94)
* Voice Actor: Scott Page-Pagter

Before his loss to Hammerbot in the Dungeon, he was referred to as The "Invincible" Blade. He can turn his right forearm and hand into a sword blade and his left hand into large pincer claws. Though he was destroyed by Hammerbot, he would later be rebuilt. He also popped up again later to prevent Ryan from escaping with the injured Dark Heart after Ryan had defeated the fake one. He appeared again during Grimlord's no-rules obstacle course and lost there as well. The Blade fits the category of Zelton's army.


* First Appearance: "Grimlord's Challenge" (09/20/94)
* Voice Actor: Brad Orchard

As its name implies, Spiderbot is a robot whose design is inspired by spiders. While Ryan deals with Hammerbot, Spiderbot stirs trouble for J.B. when General Ivar planned to send Spiderbot to ambush Ryan, but J.B. arrived to prevent the ambush. It fights J.B. at the top of the world. Spiderbot has many hidden tricks, such as rocket boots and an electric beam weapon hidden inside its head. After JB blasts off the monster's arms with his gun, Spiderbot uses one last trick, a ring on his back that wraps around JB, restraining him. JB breaks free and destroys Spiderbot, first he stabs it through the stomach with the Laser Lance, giving it 'heartburn.' JB cures the 'heartburn' by finishing it off. Spiderbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army. Spiderbot makes a return appearance in Season 2 episode "Game Over" in JB's virtual training game.


* First Appearance: "Computer Captive" (09/21/94)
* Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

Slashbot is a robotic samurai with a katana. His most notable battle is when Ryan rescues J.B. from Grimlord's dungeon. Ryan defeats him using his "Internal Gyro" command. He survived (or perhaps was rebuilt) as he later returns to fight Dark Heart, and also appears during the "Quest for Power" saga in Season 2, as the very last mutant Ryan faces before the Virtual Dungeon self-destruction is set off, which Grimlord does after Ryan defeats Slashbot with the Lightning Hand command. After the destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Slashbot survives as a mere head. His head attacks Ryan and is soon finished afterwards, inflicting pain on the weakened Ryan as well. Slashbot fits the category of Decimator's army.


* First Appearance: "Kaitlin's Little Helper" (09/22/94)
* Voice Actor: Eddie Frierson

Gunslinger is a rifle toting desperado robot Grimlord himself recommends. In his first appearance he speaks like Clint Eastwood combined with stereotypical cowboy language such as "Howdy, pardner", "varmit", and "draw." He wears a brown overcoat and hat, which he dramatacally throws off at the start of his battle against JB (His hat explodes on the ground after throwing it). He and J.B. then have a showdown, but Gunslinger has a force-field to deflect JB's attacks. When Kaitlin comes to JB's aid, she is severely wounded and unable to continue the fight. As she pleads for JB to destroy the robot for her, JB goes berserk over Gunslinger wounding her and deliveres a supercharged flying punch that sends Gunslinger flying after his attempts to shoot JB in midair failed; Gunslinger's shield shorts out from the attack. JB then makes an unusually aggressive impaling attack while he is busy having a tantrum over his lost shield. He then finishes Gunslinger off permanently with the "Laser Lance" command. Gunslinger fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "The Virtual Spy" (09/23/94)
* Voice Actor: Richard Epcar (with Zelton as him)

Colonel Icebot constructed Graybot as a robot with the ability to disguise himself as a human. He is assigned to befriend the Troopers as "Jeremy" in order to gain access to their secrets. Kaitlin develops a crush on "Jeremy" and is quick to defend him even as Ryan and JB grow suspicious. His virtual alter-ego allowed him to outperform them at reporting, computing, and martial arts. When Kaitlin and JB investigate him, they discover the virtual alter-ego that he is, but their discovery comes too late. Using computer technology, he is able to trap Kaitlin and JB in the lab (and attempt to self-destruct it, but JB stops that) and rig the lab's portal to send Ryan into a virtual combat battle where he appears in his true form. In his true form, Graybot has superhuman strength and shoots lethal arrows from his wrist that mostly missed Ryan. Eventually he is defeated in battle by Ryan. He initially survives Ryan's Lightning Hand Command, but eventually wears out by continuing to battle; after firing his last arrow and Ryan eventually catching it, he falls in exhaustion and explodes. Zelton briefly transforms into Graybot during his battle against Ryan, suggesting he fits the category of Zelton's army, despite being built by Icebot.


* First Appearance: "The Virtual V-6" (09/26/94)
* Voice Actor: Steve Kramer

Drillbot is a robot assigned to steal J.B.'s VR Fighter Bike in order to extract its' V6 engine for Grimlord. To lure JB and his bike to him, Grimlord sends the Skugs to hijack a school bus filled with children. Drillbot then appears on the scene and challenges JB to a fight. While JB fights Drillbot, Skugs try to dismantle the VR Fighter Bike to steal the engine, but the Bike is given an automated command and escapes the Skugs. Kaitlin saves the kids caught on the bus and quickly arrives to help JB. JB destroyed Drillbot with his "Laser Lance command" while riding the VR Fighter Bike. Drillbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "No One's Friend" (09/27/94)

Polarbot is robot who is armed with cannons on his shoulders, wrist, arms, and chest. A disguised Skug puts JB and Kaitlin under a spell that turns them against Ryan. The source of the spell is linked to Polarbot. When Ryan confronts Polarbot in battle, The Blade, Chrome Dome, and Minotaurbot join him briefly, before Ryan gives them a good pounding, forcing them to retreat. Walrus meat is used as a distraction. Ryan uses the Internal Gyro Command to destroy Polarbot, freeing his friends from the brainwashing. Polarbot is later seen (presumably rebuilt) in the hunt for Dark Heart where he is shot by Dark Heart in battle and is destroyed. In now unseen footage, Zelton briefly took the form of Polarbot during his battle with Ryan. Polarbot fits the category of Zelton's army.

Mutant Jeb

* First Appearance: "Dogmatic Change" (09/28/94)
* Voice Actor: Kerrigan Mahan

Grimlord creates a special formula to mutate animals, and Jeb is his first test subject. Ziktor sets up a fake dog food commercial starring Jeb, and slips the formula into Jeb's food. Slowly, Jeb develops unusual behavior and a bad attitude problem. Jeb eventually mutates into a monster, completely loyal to Grimlord. He is ordered to go on a rampage by releasing animals from zoos. Ryan uses a virtual canine to bring Jeb back to his senses, but Toxoid arrives and sprays Jeb with a disintergrating foam. Jeb is saved just in time and returned to normal. Mutant Jeb fits the category of Toxoid's army.


* First Appearance: "Searching for Tyler Steele" (09/30/94)
* Voice Actor: Lex Lang

This robot is colored silver, and has a bazooka hidden on its shoulder. It can also extend cables from its chest and blast lasers from the cable's tips. Jeb calls this robot "Shish-Kebot" when it's impaled like a shish kebab, but it is called "Unnamed Robot" in the end credits. JB defeats it by impaling it with the Laser Lance command, then finishing it off with laser lance slashing. This robot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "Searching For Tyler Steele" (09/30/94)
* Voice Actors: Terrence Stone (normal), Dave Mallow (substitute voice)

When Ryan is looking for his father in the woods, Magician appears to attack him. Later in the series, Magician masquerades as a human at Tao's dungeon and steals JB and Kaitlin's Virtualizers, leaving only Ryan to battle. Magician uses dirty tricks including explosive cards, illusion duplicates, and an alternate dimension in which to fight with Ryan, along with disappearing all the time. Magician loses his magician outfit, and Ryan uses some magic tricks of his own to fight, making it a more even battle. Ryan destroys him with his "Lightning Hand" command and takes back the stolen Virtualizers. Magician is later rebuilt and is seen participating in the Dark Heart hunt and fails the obstacle course. He comes back again for a rematch against Ryan in Season 2's "Secret Power" while Ryan and the other Troopers worked to stop the reality barrier from shattering under Colonel Icebot's magnetic fields at the North Pole. He tries to stop Ryan from wrecking Icebot's plans, but in the end Ryan is able to defeat him for good using the "Lightning Hand" command. After the destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Magician survives as a mere head. His head attacks Ryan and is soon destroyed afterwards, inflicting pain on the weakened Ryan as well. Magician fits the category of Decimator's army.

NOTE: All battle footage of the Magician in "Secret Power" is/was recycled from "Searching for Tyler Steele" and "A Dirty Trick".


* First Appearance: "Save the Trees" (10/03/94)

When Ziktor's attempt to legally cut down an old forest failed, the robot known as Chainbot is assigned to destroy it completely. He is stopped by Ryan, though his destruction isn't shown on screen. In Season 2 after the self-destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Chainbot survives as a mere head. His head attacks Ryan and is soon destroyed afterwards, inflicting pain on the weakened Ryan as well. Chainbot fits the category of Decimator's army.

NOTE: In footage from the original Japanese series, Chainbot is destroyed by Metalder's Lightning Hand Command and splits in half afterwards, the same as Horrorbot.


* First Appearance: "Kaitlin's Front Page" (10/05/94)
* Voice Actor: Brianne Siddall

Cobrot is a female robot with a snake-like tail in place of legs. Colonel Icebot calls her one of the deadliest warriors in Grimlord's army, responding to General Ivar's claims about Metalbot with the assertion that "his" Cobrot's engines would whip the Troopers into butter. He also said that she is "all cobra", even though the only thing cobralike about Cobrot is her appearance. When Kaitlin is kidnapped, Cobrot is recommended by Colonel Icebot and she accompanies Metalbot to distract Ryan and JB when attempt to rescue their friend by attacking in a field. Cobrot fights JB in the field while Metalbot goes after Ryan in the quarry. Cobrot blasts arrows from the bow on her hand, and cracks her tail like a whip. After throwing JB in the opposite direction every time he charges her, she is destroyed by his "Laser Lance" command. JB doesn't impale Cobrot, even though she is distant from him when he summones the Laser Lance. Cobrot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army, despite her being Colonel Icebot's own creation.


* First Appearance: "Kaitlin's Front Page" (10/05/94)
* Voice Actors: Tom Wyner (first voice), Mike Reynolds (with Zelton as him)

Metalbot is one of Grimlord's deadliest robot warriors, along with Cobrot. After he's recommended by General Ivar, he ambushes Ryan and JB when they attempt to save Kaitlin. According to General Ivar, his punch is unequal to any opponent's. Metalbot can discharge electricity through tentacles that sprout from his forehead. Metalbot's first defeat is by Ryan's "Laser Fist" command. Metalbot is rebuilt by Colonel Icebot to assist Renegade, Chrome Dome, and Minotaurbot into abducting a young baseball prodigy to bait a trap for Ryan, but Ryan defeats them again (this time, using his "Lightning Hand" command). Metalbot is among the cyborgs chasing after Ryan before he fights Transmutant. In his most infamous battle with Ryan, Zelton briefly transforms into Metalbot, therefore he fits the category of Zelton's army.


* First Appearance: "The Dognapping" (10/07/94)
* Voice Actor: Tom Wyner

Crabor is a mutant whose tentacles are loaded with electricity. Grimlord uses Crabor as part of a trap, using Jeb for bait. After Crabor isolates Ryan, he feigns surrender. Ryan almost buys the act, but Crabor intended only to get Ryan's guard down. Crabor's main weapon is his bad smell. Crabor loses the battle and retreats to the Dungeon as a failure. He makes other appearances as a background character supporting other mutants. Crabor fights Ryan once more during a Reality Virus outbreak, where he reveals the ability to produce green slime on his tongue and lug it at opponents, as well as turn his right hand into a crab-like claw and breathe fire. In this encounter Ryan defeats him with his Lightning Hand and flying kick attacks which sends Crabor off a cliff. Crabor is later seen as one of Grimlord's warriors that challenged Transmutant. He survived, but the first clash with Transmutant nearly kills him. In their second battle, he becomes stuck in the rocks. Crabor fits the category of Toxoid's army.


* First Appearance: "The Dognapping" (10/07/94)
* Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

Frogbot is a kangaroo-headed robot with leaping ability and fire breath. He is sent by General Ivar to prevent the VR Troopers from rescuing Jeb. J.B. faces Frogbot at the same time Ryan fights Crabor. J.B. destroys him using the "Laser Lance" command while riding the VR Fighter Bike. Frogbot stands staggered for awhile before falling in defeat, without any attempts at continuing his attacks. Frogbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "The Dognapping" (10/07/94)
* Voice Actor: Lex Lang

A humanoid torpedo who accompanied Crabor to battle the VR Troopers to prevent them from rescuing Jeb. Torpedobot was armed with a harpoon gun. He observed the battle between Ryan and Crabor waiting for the right moment to strike. Torpedobot self-destructed trying to blow up the ship that Ryan fought Crabor on. He was evidently rebuilt as he made additional background appearances throughout the series. Torpedobot fits the category of Blue Boar's army.

Trooper Terminator

* First Appearance: "My Dog's Girlfriend" (10/10/94)
* Voice Actor: Tom Fahn

An ultimate killing machine used by Grimlord to destroy the Troopers. It had deadly guns and heat seeking capabilities. To bring Ryan to the Trooper Terminator, some Skugs stole three puppies. The puppies were placed in a minefield guarded by the Trooper Terminator. Ryan tricked it by heating a rock to detour its heat seeking capabilities and while it was tricked, Ryan decapitated it, and then he finally destroyed it when he threw Ballistix right onto it, causing a big explosion. Trooper Terminator fits the category of Blue Boar's army, as seen in the footage, despite the claim that Colonel Icebot had created it.


* First Appearance: "Digging For Fire" (09/21/94)
* Voice Actor: Scott Page-Pagter (1st voice), Dave Mallow (2nd voice)

Mysterious earthquakes were hitting Crossworld City. The Troopers began to investigate, which brought them closer to Grimlord's underground digging operation. Fistbot, a brown boxer mutant armed with flying punching gloves and a powerful upper body armor, was assigned to stop them so Grimlord could dig to the earth's core. Defeated by Ryan when Ryan scanned him and discovered his legs were his weakness; Ryan tackled/attacked him by going for his legs and threw him into a nearby lake, but didn't destroy him, leaving Fistbot only to be weakened. Fistbot was later seen participating in the Dark Heart hunt where he was shot by Dark Heart in battle, which caused him to fall over and explode. After the destruction of Grimlord's Dugeon, Fistbot survives as a mere head. He attacks Ryan and is soon destroyed afterwards, inflicting pain on the weakened Ryan as well. Fistbot fits the category of Decimator's army.


* First Appearance: "The Great Brain Robbery" (10/12/94)
* Voice Actor: Scott Page-Pagter

General Ivar plotted mutiny against Grimlord. Under the advice of a stolen military brain, Ivar used Snowbot to freeze the military communications network as part of his mutiny. This walrus-like creature had the power to freeze anything with ice blowers built into its' hands. JB and Kaitlin's VR suits were overpowered by the cold. After a hasty retreat, the Professor gave them antifreeze protection to withstand the freeze ray. The fight was in the Trooper's favor, but the monster also revealed it had a flamethrower equipped to it for emergencies. To defeat it, Ryan fired an ice beam from the Skybase to freeze the monster in place. This enabled JB to finish it with his "Laser Lance" command, since he was frozen solid, JB didn't bother impaling him into surrendering and just went right to destroying him. Snowbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "The Dojo Plot" (10/14/94)
* Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

A silver robot used by Grimlord to guard the construction of a Weather Control Device. In battle, he can use headlock maneuvers on Ryan. After Ryan knocked him away, into a tree, his head was destroyed. Cannonbot grew a second, cannon-shaped head that was his namesake. After blasting at Ryan a few times, he was destroyed in battle against Ryan and his "Lightning Hand" command. Cannonbot was later rebuilt and returned to prevent Ryan from making off with the real Dark Heart. In his battle against Ryan, Zelton briefly took the form of Cannonbot since he fits the category of Zelton's army.


* First Appearance: "Grimlord's Greatest Hits" (10/19/94)

Grimlord released an album known as "Grimlord's Greatest Hits". The CD emitted hypnotic waves that made people into mindless zombies. When JB attacked the CD factory, Diskbot was waiting. Diskbot, a robot with a head that resembled a turntable stereo, used assorted sizes of sharp-edged disks that he shot from his head. The disks could also double as a shield, reflecting JBs laser lance. JB eventually destroyed it in battle with the Laser Lance command. First JB slashed at Diskbot, then impaled him, giving him 'heartburn', then finished him off. Diskbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "The Disappearance" (10/25/94)
* Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook (normal), Michael Sorich (substitute voice)

A mutant who accompanied Toxoid in an invisibility battle. Spitbot can spew explosive saliva from his mouth. Spitbot had a third, long extra arm coming from his back that he used to shock people with after grabbing them. Spitbot used his third arm to grab Ryan with, but Ryan was able to use it against him by tying him up with it and use his Internal Gyro Command to destroy Spitbot. Before he fought Ryan, Dark Heart fought against Spitbot. Also at that time, he participated in the Dark Heart hunt. Spitbot made additional appearances, including the obstacle course where he used his teleportation ability to cheat for victory when it came to crossing a mine field. Spitbot fits the category of Toxoid's army.

Dream Master

* First Appearance: "Nightmares" (10/31/94)
* Voice Actor: Tom Fahn

Dream Master is a mutant robot who is capable of attacking the Troopers through their dreams. He seems to resemble a humanoid Greek Olympian and wore a gauntlet on his one arm. He took advantage of Kaitlin's stress by inducing nightmares of her being outnumbered by Skugs. He challenged Ryan to battle, all while instilling Ryan with the fear of never finding his father. Ryan fought against Dream Master's headgames and won using his "Lightning Hand" command after redirecting the electrical current to Dream Master, thanks to a chain that just happened to be lying around in a box. He exploded unusually quickly from the Lightning Hand. He then reappeared at the start of Season 2 as the mutant that challenged Amphibidor, a mutant who tried to cover up his plans for a mutiny against Grimlord. After a brief battle, Dream Master finally surrendered to Amphibidor. In Season 2, after the self-destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Dream Master survived as a mere head. His head attacked Ryan and was soon destroyed afterwards, inflicting pain on the weakened Ryan as well. Dream Master fits the category of Decimator's army.


* First Appearance: "Nightmares" (10/31/94)
* Voice Actor: Stephen Apostolina

In addition to the Dream Master, the robot Spikebot was created to cause more trouble for Ryan. JB intercepted Spikebot, who started out in an alternate form with the word "Edison" written on his body; the reason or purpose of this form was never explained. Spikebot did mention that he would transform into a "more uncomfortable form" into order to battle JB, and thus turned into the second and more powerful version of himself. JB did not seem to care either way, and was quick to say that the robot's new spikier form "was still ugly." Spikebot then commented that flattery would get him nowhere. The battle was brief, as JB made short work of him with the "Laser Lance" command, first stabbing him through the stomach, giving him heartburn (that scene is missing), then finishing him off, and Spikebot fell and exploded rather quickly, too, probably due to the excessive laser lance slashing. Spikebot would make an appearance in Season 2's "Game Over" episode where he appeared as one of the robots in JB's virtual training game. Spikebot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.

NOTE: The name "Edison" is revealed in Spielban, the show from which JB's battle footage is based.


* First Appearance: "Secret Admirer" (11/03/94)

A large, white, mobile spore that was capable of floating in the air. Pollenbot was created from the same toxins used to poison Kaitlin when she inhaled contaminated flowers given to her from a "secret admirer". J.B. used his gun to suck up Pollenbot and then destroyed it with his Laser Lance. Pollenbot fits the category of Colonel Icebot's monsters.


* First Appearance: "Grimlord's House of Fear" (11/04/94)
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

A suburban neighborhood was plagued with stories of a haunted house; the house seemed harmless at first glance. Little did anyone suspect, Colonel Icebot was using the house to secretly construct Vacbot in the real world. Vacbot was constructed with various household appliances and armed with a blasting vacuum, and a fan in his chest that could blow enemies away. He also could blast freezing ice from a built-in ice maker at J.B. and Kaitlin. He battled Kaitlin and J.B. in Cross World City. After J.B. used his Vortex Command, General Ivar's ground troops attacked and Kaitlin called for the battle cruiser leaving J.B. to fight Vacbot alone. Vacbot froze J.B. with his ice maker and J.B. unfroze himself by saying "Supercharge Command Now!" Kaitlin soon rejoined the battle. Vacbot was destroyed by J.B. and Kaitlin's combined "VR Double Team" attack. Vacbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.

Chrome Dome and Minotaurbot

* First Appearance: "No One's Friend" (09/27/94)
* Voice Actors: Richard Epcar (Chrome Dome), Mike Reynolds (Minotaurbot's first voice), Richard Steven Horvitz (Minotaurbot's second voice)

Assisting Renegade on his missions were two bumbling (and one can assume lower ranked) robots. One was a black cyborg with a silver head and laser bayonet weapon. The other was a blue robot with a white skull-like face, drill weapon, and laser rifle. These two weren't much use in battle on their own, but they served as a great decoy for Renegade's attacks and ambushes. The black one was once referred to as "Chrome Dome" by Spitbot during the obstacle course episode (and by the end credits). The other robotic warrior is sometimes known as "Minotaurbot", but that appears to be a fan-created name, since there was no official name. They appeared briefly in "The Disappearance" when they attacked Ryan, but their first major appearance is when they appeared with Renegade to help Renegade assist Metalbot into capturing a baseball prodigy. They also accompanied Renegade (who was armed with a Virtual Vaporizer) during his attack on Ryan, who was fighting alone after JB and Kaitlin mysteriously disappeared into the dimension of the Ghost Biker. Later, they accompanied Renegade and Crabor during their battle against the Reality Virus-infected Ryan. They also participated in Grimlord's obstacle course. Due to their aiding of Renegade, and their appearance, they seem to fit into Zelton's army.


* First Appearance: "Danger in the Deep" (11/08/94)

A robot with hidden machine gun turrets under his shoulderpads. The Troopers uncovered Grimlord's operation to destroy a dam which would lead to the flooding of Crossworld City. Shoulderbot was sent to stop them so the dam operation could be completed. Shoulderbot attacked Kaitlin, partially by blasting a laser from the reddish circle from his forehead, and nearly destroyed her. Later, JB confronted Shoulderbot and destroyed him using his Laser Lance. Shoulderbot would later appear in Season 2, to face off against JB and Kaitlin in the "Dream Battle". In the dream, Shoulderbot attacked Kaitlin and nearly destroyed her again, but she escaped. Shoulderbot was not seen again after Kaitlin's dream ended. Shoulderbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "Small But Mighty" (11/09/94)
* Voice Actor: Tom Wyner

When the Troopers were turned into kids, Grimlord took advantage by having General Ivar send Crabor, a robot with two brains on his chest. Crainoid underestimated young JB and Kaitlin. He was nearly defeated by the VR Double Team, but got up and continued to battle. Crainoid still thought he had the upper hand as he mocked JB's laser lance as his "kiddie flashlight", right before young JB successfully performed the "Laser Lance" maneuver and destroyed Crainoid. Crainoid fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "Defending Dark Heart Pt. 1" (11/14/94)
* Voice Actor: Scott Page-Pagter

A red-eyed cicada mutant who assisted Renegade with the executing of Dark Heart. Venobot can emit sonic waves as well as spit a corrosive acid from its' mouth. When Strickland had turned JB into the Transmutant, Venobot became the first mutant to fight Transmutant. He later joined Bugbot, Crabor, Wolfbot, and the Mutant Skugs in fighting Ryan and Transmutant where he was destroyed. Venobot fits the category of Toxoid's army.


* First Appearance: "Searching for Tyler Steele" (09/30/94)
* Voice Actor: Scott Page-Pagter

A red-eyed cicada-like mutant who assisted Renegade into executing Dark Heart. In "Secret Admirer", he and Wolfbot were escorted with Toxoid to find a flower that increased power. When Ryan showed up on the scene, he kicked Bugbot and sent him off a cliff. Bugbot hit the bottom of the mountain and exploded. In "The Transmutant," he became the second monster to fight Transmutant and lose, when Transmuatant sprouted claws and struck him across the stomach. Later on, he accompanied Venobot, Crabor, Wolfbot, and the Mutant Skugs in fighting Ryan and Transmutant where he was knocked down the hill. Bugbot fits the category of Toxoid's army.


* First Appearance: "Defending Dark Heart Pt. 3" (11/16/94)

During the "Defending Dark Heart" saga, Percy attempted to get back on Woody's good side by trying to relocate the virtual deathtrap that he, Kaitlin, and JB were imprisoned in. Unlike most mutants, the Rabidspore demonstrated no language abilities. With a so-called Reality Break Detector, he successfully reopened the portal, but accidentally unleashed this floating organism. Apparently, Rabidspore was standing guard to the dimension. In the first part of "Quest for Power", this same spore-themed mutant accompanied Wolfbot into attacking Ryan and J.B. as a team. Icebot had injected it with the knowledge that Grimlord syphoned from Tyler, making it more powerful. Rabidspore could metamorph itself into a flat starfish-like mass and wrap itself around its opponents, as it did to JB. Soon after it reverted back into its original form, J.B. destroyed it with his Laser Lance command, rather than surrendering when impaled, it simply appeared confused, but the slashing finished it off. Rabidspore fits the category of Colonel Icebot's monsters.

Fake Dark Heart

* First Appearance: "Defending Dark Heart, Part 3" (11/16/94)
* Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

A second Darkheart was created and set up for Ryan to save. After Ryan successfully saved this fake Dark Heart, it attacked him. He was defeated when the real Dark Heart shot him. He was later seen in the background again numerous times during the course of Season 1. The bogus Dark Heart also fits the category of Zelton's army, since he was seen aiding Renegade and others of that army.


* First Appearance: "Endangered Species" (11/21/94)
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

A gray robot that looked like a pile of tubes with green boots and armed with a pointed harpoon. Horrorbot is a hunting specialist. On his first appearance, Horrorbot led a hunting party on a wildlife preserve to capture a pair of unusual wombats. By doing so, Ziktor would be able to tear down the preserve. Ryan, with the unlikely help of the wombats, fought against Horrorbot and the Mutant Skugs and defeated Horrorbot with his Internal Gyro Command attack. He would return again, this time assisting Terminoid in tracking down a special formula. He imprisoned Ryan in a deep ditch by blowing him in with a wind attack, and tried to bury the Trooper alive, but Ryan escaped and knocked Horrorbot into the ditch. Horrorbot begged Ryan to save him, which Ryan tried to do. He repaid Ryan's generosity with more aggressive attacks, so Ryan used his "Lightning Hand command" to slice Horrorbot in half and thus defeated him. Since he wasn't completely destroyed, he was able to be salvaged by Grimlord. Horrorbot was rebuilt yet again as he made frequent appearances in the background during the remainder of Season 1. In Season 2, after the self-destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Horrorbot survived as a mere head. His head attacked Ryan and was soon destroyed afterwards, inflicting pain on the weakened Ryan as well. Horrorbot fits the category of Decimator's army.


* First Appearance: "Field Goal" (11/22/94)
* Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook

It was football season for Cross World City's high school team, but their coach had gone missing. Coachless, the team was ready to fall apart until the Troopers and Tao offered their services. Meanwhile, Colonel Icebot created a football-themed robot called Footbot at Grimlord's request. Footbot could remove the football above his head and kick or throw it towards an opponent. When the football struck the opponent, it would detonate like a bomb. A new football would always regenerate after his football weapon was used. Footbot made short work of Kaitlin, taking her out of the battle early on in the fight. Footbot also attacked JB by attacking like a battering ram head-first at JB and knocking him down in the manner of a stereotypical football player. In scenes no longer broadcast, near the end of the battle, JB gave Footbot a taste of his own medicine when he caught the football and tossed it back at Footbot, creating an explosion that temporarily stunned the mutant. Soon afterwards, he was finally defeated by JB and his Laser Lance's finishing maneuver (impalement scene is now missing, but it forced Footbot to surrender), making Grimlord's great "football playing warrior" nothing but a memory. Footbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army, despite being created by Icebot.


* First Appearance: "Friends in Need" (11/30/94)
* Voice Actor: Steve Kramer

A copper-colored bat-resembling robot. Along with General Ivar, Terminoid captured a pair of foreign scientists in order to steal a special formula that threatened Ziktor's control over the city's energy sources. Before getting the formula, Kaitlin rescued the scientists as JB took him on. Terminoid attacked a lot by biting. JB then found himself outnumbered when faced with both Terminoid and General Ivar. He then whipped out his Laser Lance command and swiped at both of them. He then stabbed Terminoid in the stomach with the Laser Lance, and then took another swipe at Ivar and knocked him down. JB then performed the finishing swipe on Horrorbot to destroy him. Terminoid fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "Good Trooper, Bad Trooper" (02/06/95)

Grimlord used this robot to charge up the other robots. Electrobot had long cable-like arms and his body resembled that of a blue landmine with microchip detail. Electrobot accidentally destroyed Samson, while Kaitlin had helped by clipping Samson's wires. Electrobot fought JB from on top of a cliff, blasting him with electricity. JB was nearly destroyed, but after summoning the laser lance he managed to shake off the electrocution attack. Eventually, Electrobot was destroyed by JB by the "Laser Lance" command. JB first stabbed Electrobot through his stomach long-range, causing him to lose his balance and fall off of the cliff. Electrobot then got up angrily, ready to resume his attacks, but was quickly cooled off when JB hurriedly finished him off with the Laser Lance's finishing swipe, requiring much more slashing than with most bots. In Season 2, Electrobot would be seen in the background of the scrap-pile during Knighttime's mutiny when he created Conatron. Electrobot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army even though he and the other "newer, superior bots" were created by Colonel Icebot.


* First Appearance: "Good Trooper, Bad Trooper" (02/06/95)

In addition to Electrobot and the Ryan clone, Colonel Icebot constructed new "warriors" for Grimlord's army. However these warriors looked like nothing more than ridiculous wind-up toys. But one in particular proved fierceful in both power and appearance. Icebot named this strongman robot Samson and sent him to do battle with the Troopers. Samson didn't say much and used sheer muscle and brute force against JB and Kaitlin. During an accidental shock from Electrobot, while Kaitlin was snipping his wires, Samson was destroyed. Samson fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "The Transmutant" (02/07/95)
* Voice Actor: Michael Bacon

Strickland invented a special green slime that turned people into monsters. However it only worked in the virtual world and was good for a one time use. When JB was seeking a quiet place to study, he was ambushed by Skugs, but was able to defeat them; unfortunately however, he was soon taken to the Battle Grid where he was ambushed again, and administered the formula. After going back to our reality, JB slowly transformed into a green-skinned, silver-haired mutant with long claws, who would then be known as Transmutant. Transmutant can dissolve into slime. Grimlord tested him in battle where Toxoid used Venobot, Bugbot, and Crabor on him. Under Grimlord's control, he was assigned to kill Ryan. In mid-battle, Ryan saved JB from falling off a cliff. JB was confused with Ryan's actions, as Ryan made an effort to reason with him. Finally free of Grimlord's control, both Troopers fought off Wolfbot, Crabor, Bugbot, Venobot, and the Mutant Skugs together, and eventually at the lab, JB was restored to normal again. Transmutant seems to fit the category of Toxoid's army.


* First Appearance: "Secret Admirer" (11/03/94)
* Voice Actors: Brianne Siddall (first voice), Chuck Kovacic (second voice)

A white-and-brown-furred wolf-like mutant who later had a detachable black spider on his back. Wolfbot was extremely ferocious and would use his claws and fangs to attack. Wolfbot also had the ability to shoot webbing to bind his victims. Wolfbot's notable moments in the season included appearing alongside Toxoid to find a powerful flower, participating in the Dark Heart hunt where it used its webbing on him, being at the finish line at Grimlord's obstacle course, battling Ryan and JB when JB recovered from his Transmutant brainwashing, and finally batting Ryan solo after getting upgraded with virtual powers extracted from Tyler Steele (during the "Quest For Power" saga). Wolfbot was more than a match for Ryan, seeing as how none of his attacks could faze him. No matter what Ryan did, Wolfbot continued attacking like nothing had happened. Later, Colonel Icebot equipped Wolfbot with a giant black spider on his back, which caused even more problems for Ryan. When Wolfbot was attacked with the Lightning Hand Command, the spider instantly revived Wolfbot. When Ryan killed the spider on his back with the very same attack, Wolfbot fell down dead and melted into a pile of smoldering slime. Wolfbot fits the category of Toxoid's army.


* First Appearance: "Who's King of the Mountain?" (02/08/95)
* Voice Actor: Eddie Frierson

A yellow robot that had the ability to turn into a ball and also had super strength, which he used to toss heavy boulders. He assisted General Ivar into trapping J.B. on an old mountain which was really a dormant volcano. Rollbot kept the Troopers busy with laser-like yellow projectiles and by rolling himself into ball form and crushing Kaitlin. J.B. eventually escaped the trap and formed the VR Double Team with Kaitlin, which created an exposion, but that was only from his ball form being forced back to normal. After the smoke cleared, he could be seen charging in his normal form at JB and Kaitlin, much to their surprise. Even though the VR Double Team had no effect on him whatsoever, the Laser Lance destroyed him just as easily as it did other bots. JB used his Laser Lance to promptly finish off the unharmed, and very angry, charging Rollbot. Rollbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "The Couch Potato Kid" (09/19/94)
* Voice Actor: Matt K. Miller

Inspired by the Troopers, Grimlord sets up his own ruthless obstacle course for his army to sharpen their skills. The one that didn't compete was Combax, a military soldier-looking robot. Combax refused to participate claiming he was already the best warrior in the competition, and Grimlord agreed, possibly impressed by the robot's cockiness. Combax then captured Tao's nephew Ricky, which then lured Ryan to the obstacle course with overwhelming odds. Ryan eventually survived the obstacle course and defeated/destroyed Combax with the "Lightning Hand" command. In Season 2, after the self-destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Combax survived as a mere head. His head attacked Ryan and was soon destroyed afterwards, inflicting pain on the weakened Ryan as well. Combax fits the category of Decimator's army.


* First Appearance: "The Old Switcharoo" (02/10/95)
* Voice Actor: Kirk Thornton

This oversized copper-colored robot was assigned to guard the special transference device that accidentally caused Ryan and Jeb to switch bodies. His bulky structure which Kaitlin described as a "walking jukebox" and heavy claw arm, along with very powerful armor and annoyingly corny raps, made the battle difficult for JB and Kaitlin. He kept tossing JB and Kaitlin back and forth and even their VR Double Team attack only tickled Mechanoid. In the middle of the battle, Ryan attempted to transform after hearing that they were being overpowered by Mechanoid, but Jeb was wearing Ryan's virtualizer. So Jeb ended up transforming to battle Decimator. Meanwhile, JB summoned his "Laser Lance" command, even though it didn't seem to be effective at first. JB's impalement attack only tickled, and Mechanoid continuing his attacks. JB came back and then slashed more rapidly, and eventually Mechanoid was destroyed by the Laser Lance Command. After Mechanoid was destroyed by JB, Grimlord angrily blew up the device causing Ryan and Jeb to switch back. Mechanoid fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army even though it was Colonel Icebot that constructed him.


* First Appearance: "Fiddler on the Loose" (02/14/95)
* Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie

Grimlord was fed up with Colonel Icebot's robots, so he decided to make one himself. To finish his creation, he ordered Skugs to capture Kaitlin's cousin, Keith, a member of the Young Dubliners. Keith was imprisoned within Fiddlebot's body. As Fiddlebot, he could attack simply by playing a fanfare on his fiddle, which in turn would scramble Ryan's circuits, rendering him unable to move. He was impervious to all of Ryan's attacks. Ryan eventually defeated him by distracting him with a surprise "Lightning Hand" attack (which actually didn't harm him, but apparently exposed his power source). The "power cell", which held Keith inside, who powered Fiddlebot, was then removed from the robot, and Keith was freed from the virtual imprisonment. Luckily, Keith was completely unharmed and Ryan was then able to rescue Keith. The actual robot's fate remains unknown, since it was never destroyed in battle. Fiddlebot fits the category of Zelton's army, despite being supposedly created by Grimlord.


* First Appearance: "New Kids on the Planet" (02/20/95)
* Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook

Vanbot was a humanoid black SUV used to kidnap the pair of alien children. He could disguise himself as a regular van and switch into his true form at will, trapping his occupants inside. JB managed to hang on to his back and shoot his rear end slowing him down so Ryan and Kaitlin were able to rescue the children, and while Vanbot was busy complaining about having his newly-repaired rear end shot at, JB was able to defeat him with his "Laser Lance" command while riding on his VR Fighter Bike. Vanbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


* First Appearance: "Message From Space" (02/22/95)
* Voice Actor: Tom Wyner

A skeleton-looking robot dressed in a black tunic and armed with a scythe. A scientist was delivering a message to Ryan concerning Tyler Steele. Skullbot and the Skugs intercepted the message, replaced the scientist with a robotic double, and set up a fake briefcase filled with explosives. Before his second battle Zelton implanted him with an explosive device. Once the Troopers discovered the fake briefcase, they saved the real scientist and in Ryan defeated Skullbot by hitting him where the bomb was triggering it. Skullbot fits the category of Zelton's army.

NOTE: In footage from Metalder, Skullbot was defeated when Metalder severed his arm and threw it at him which hit him in his torso triggering the bomb.

Robot-Faced Skug

* First Appearance: "Message From Space" (02/22/95)

When JB and Kaitlin were on a mission to rescue the scientist kidnapped by Skullbot and the Skugs, one of the Skugs had a robot face underneath the Skug face. It was much stronger than a normal Skug. JB managed to destroy it with his Laser Lance command.


* First Appearance: "Searching for Tyler Steele" (09/30/94)
* Voice Actor: Mike Reynolds (first voice), Terrence Stone (second voice)

A green frog-like mutant who can dissolve into slime and return to normal as well as spew acid-like liquid from its mouth. He hated being called "Frogger" by Ryan, because as he said, he "does not hop across roads and rivers to avoid alligators and cars just to get home". His most prominent episode was Season 2's opener, "Mutant Mutiny", where he planned to start a revolution against Grimlord, but failed when Grimlord found out. To prove himself loyal to Grimlord, Amphibidor fought Dream Master and used his slime-dissolving ability which caused Dream Master to surrender. Amphibidor fought Ryan and eventually damaged his armor. Despite interference from Ballistix and Cannon Nose, Amphibidor was eventually defeated by Ryan's "Lightning Hand" command. While on the ground from the finisher, Amphibidor spewed the liquid all over himself before he exploded. Grimlord warned his warriors that what happened to Amphibidor should be taken as a warning to anyone who tries to strike out against Grimlord. Amphibidor fits the category of Toxoid's army.

hark Fin

* First Appearance: "Trooper Out of Time" (09/12/95)

A shark-themed robot who fought Kaitlin and J.B. in the present while Ryan traveled into the past to save his younger self from Strickland. Shark Fin was summoned by General Ivar and was used by Grimlord to guard the cave full of crystals used to access time travel. Shark Fin demonstrated irritation towards namecalling, becoming angry every time J.B. called him "fishface". In battle, Shark Fin could launch the fin-like blade on the top of his head at J.B. In the end though, J.B. brought about Shark Fin's doom with the usage of his "Laser Lance" command, causing him to finally drop his sword before falling over and exploding. Shark Fin fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.

Nameless cyborgs and mutants

There were also monsters that Grimlord used who were never named onscreen.

* In almost every episode featuring the Virtual Dungeon, a white robot can be seen in the background. This robot has a skull-like face on its helmet. The gender of this character remains unknown, though it is shaped like a female. "She" fits the category of Zelton's army.

NOTE: Her Metalder counterpart's name is Lortail. In the Japanese series she is the last member of Zelton's character's army. She is also the one who grants Zelton's counterpart the ability to transform into other robots.

* First Appearance: "Searching for Tyler Steele" (09/30/94)

An attractive red female humanoid mutant who talked with Grimlord in "Searching for Tyler Steele." She seemed to serve as a temporary consultant for Grimlord. She spoke in a haughty voice and seemed to be a mutant, complete with spikes sticking out of her back and fingers, but had a beautiful face and a well-proportioned, attractive figure. She is never seen again after she talks with Grimlord. For some reason, Grimlord and her were alone in that scene, with no other mutants around. Her name is not said on-screen. She fits the category of Toxoid's army.

NOTE: Her Metalder counterpart's name is Wisdom. In the Japanese series she is the subservient wife of Amphibidor's Japanese counterpart. She is also the mother of Transmutant's counterpart.

* In the first part of "Quest for Power", Tyler was trying to send a message to the Professor while in a dungeon cell. However, his transmission was cut short when a red cyclops-like monster entered and said "That was a bad idea! Grimlord's gonna make you pay for your long distance call!" This monster has no Metal Hero counterpart, but was used in "Gosei Sentai Dairanger" (as Master Kaku's first form).

* In almost every episode two humanoid gentlemen were seen alongside Decimator's army on in the back of the Virtual Dungeon. One was a muscular wrestler dressed in white and the other was an obese wrestler dressed in red and black. They vanished after Season 1 and presumably perished during the Virtual Dungeon's second self-destruct sequence. They seem to fit the category of Decimator's army, as they often stood on his side of the dungeon and were often seen with his robots and warriors. They were never named on-screen.

* There were also two humanoid women that could be seen in the Virtual Dungeon at times. They were not named on-screen, yet resembled Strickland's secretary Skugs. They are not seen again after Grimlord self-destructs the Dungeon in Season 2 and presumably perished within it.

* Three humanoid, unnamed (and unspeaking) "beauties" were seen briefly in Ivar's lab. One was dressed in gold armor and another was dressed in identical armor, but it was silver instead of gold and the point on her hat was pointing the other way. The other "beauty" wore a cyber helmet, a silver outfit, and orange pantyhose.

Trooper finishers

Unless otherwise noted, the standard finisher for each Trooper is as follows. Many of these scenes are no longer broadcast.

Ryan summons his lightning hand with the phrase "lightning hand command, now!", karate chops a mutant, causing it to short-circuit, overheat and explode. Ryan's second attack, "Internal Gyro," Ryan's body rapidly spins as he unleashes a drill punch or kick. His third attack, the Laser Fist, involves energy pulsating from his arm to his hand, and once powered up, he can deliver one single blow to a mutant causing it to fly into the air and explode upon landing.

JB extends a second blade on his super sabre, summoning his laser lance, which glows blue. JB extends the blade outward and impales a mutant through the stomach, forcing it to surrender. JB ignores the mutant's hands-in-the-air surrender, and finishes it off anyway by slashing repeatedly with the laser lance, and then runs to a safe distance while the mutant short-circuits, overheats, and explodes.

Kaitlin doesn't have a finisher, although she can combine her laser pistol beams with JB's to form the "VR Double Team", which, depending on the strength of the mutant, either defeats it or leave it unharmed.

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