HMS Europa

HMS Europa

There were least three ships named HMS "Europa" in the British Royal Navy. The name is from the Greek mythological character Europa.

*HMS|Europa|1765|2 was a 64 gun ship of the line, launched in 1765 and broken up in 1814.
*HMS|Europa|1783|2 was a 50 gun ship of the line, launched in 1783 and sold in 1814
*HMS|Europa|1897|2 was a "Diadem" class cruiser launched in 1897.
*"Europa" was the name of the Central Depot for the Royal Naval Patrol Service in Lowestoft from early in the Second World War until she was decommissioned in 1946. Prior to be named "Europa", she was named "Sparrows Nest", and "Pembroke X".

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