Emergency Core Cooling System

Emergency Core Cooling System

An Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS) is a component in nuclear power plants designed to deal with a loss of coolant accident (LOCA) by providing massive backup sources of coolant.

An ECCS also may be used after a "partial" (incomplete) SCRAM to help bring a runaway reaction under control.

Each power plant has multiple independent ECCS systems, any one of which should be adequate to cool the core.

ECCS systems are nuclear safety-grade components.

ECCS systems can be powered by plant power (as long as the generator is on-line), offsite power, or the plant's Emergency Diesel Generators (another nuclear safety-grade system).

LOCA response

ECCS systems typically activate automatically upon occurrence of a LOCA (along with other automatic plant actions), to restore cooling as fast as possible so as to prevent a nuclear meltdown.

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*Nuclear safety in the U.S.

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