Camp Sovereignty

Camp Sovereignty

Camp Sovereignty is the name given to an indigenous Australian protest movement established to publicise the ‘Black GST’ political group. The ‘GST’ reflects the group’s aims of ending genocide, acknowledging sovereignty and securing a treaty.

On 12 March 2006 a camp was established and a ceremonial fire was lit in Kings Domain a public park in Melbourne, Australia to symbolise the continuing presence of indigenous culture in Australia. Also it was to protest against Commonwealth Games or, as the protestors stated, the 'Stolenwealth Games'.

After the conclusion of the Games the central emphasis of the camp shifted towards the ceremonial fire. Robert Corowa one of the leaders of the protest argued that the fire was sacred because of the central place of fire in aboriginal traditions and ceremony.

Under legal threat and the protest of over 100 people it was eventually quenched on 10 May 2006. However several sister fires have been lit in Redfern, Dandenong, and Framlingham to continue the protest.

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* [ WikiNews: 2006 "Stolenwealth" Games to confront Commonwealth Games in Melbourne]

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