The Dealership

The Dealership

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Title = The Dealership
Series = Seinfeld

Caption = Puddy offers Jerry a high-5.
Season = 9
Episode = 167
Airdate = January 8, 1998
Production =
Writer = Steve Koren
Director = Andy Ackerman
Guests =
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"The Dealership" is the 167th episode of the NBC sitcom "Seinfeld". This was the 11th episode of the 9th and final season. It aired on January 8, 1998.

It was the first episode aired after Jerry Seinfeld announced on December 26, 1997, that the show would end in May.


Jerry plans to buy a car with an insider deal from David Puddy, who has been promoted to a car salesman. George warns Jerry to watch out for deceptive car dealers. Kramer takes the car Jerry is planning to buy for a test drive with another salesman. Elaine returns from a lunch with Puddy at Arby's. Puddy offers Jerry a "high five." Elaine brags about her new "salesman boyfriend" taking her out to lunch. Jerry asks where they went, and Puddy chimes in "Arby's." Kramer misses the turn to go back to the dealership; instead, he plans to give the car a full test of a Kramer daily routine. Hungry, George seeks out something to eat and must settle for a vending-machine candy bar. Only he can't get one from the machine with a crinkled dollar bill so he asks a mechanic (who he knows has a crisp dollar) for assistance and is refused service. Finally, when he gets the correct change, the Twix bar fails to drop and merely hangs from its perch. With his errands run, Kramer's next test is to take the car to the limits of its fuel tank. Irritated, George seeks assistance from a salesman. When they return to the machine, the Twix bar George had hanging and the one behind it are gone. George suspects the mechanic. Elaine and Puddy have a fight and break up. Jerry's insider deal is off. George confronts the mechanic. Jerry wants George to help him get a good deal; however, George is only interested in getting back at the mechanic. The car salesman riding with Kramer really gets into driving below empty. George tries to complain about the mechanic, but gets into a debate about candy bars. In an attempt to get a great deal on his car, Jerry tries to put Elaine and Puddy "in a relationship today." George sets up a candy bar lineup, to implicate the mechanic, only to find his lineup being eaten. Elaine and Puddy get back together and Jerry is going to get his deal, until Puddy says "high five" to Jerry, one time too many. Kramer and the salesman, with the dealership in sight, decide instead to go for it. Just 5 more miles, no turning back!!


* A rare episode in which Jerry's apartment and Monk's coffee shop are not shown. It is the final episode not to do so (though "The Puerto Rican Day" comes close, only showing the apartment for a brief moment.)
* While test driving the Saab 900, Kramer picks up a large Tweety Bird stuffed animal, which can be seen in the backseat.
* This marks the second time George yells up with the camera panning above him, the first time was in The Foundation. Elaine also does this in "The Susie". It is a reference to "".
* The "who is this?" gag is previously used between Jerry and George on episodes like "The Bizarro Jerry", "The Checks" and "The Nap". This is the final one between Elaine and Jerry.

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