Romulus (disambiguation)

Romulus (disambiguation)

Romulus in it|Romolo may refer to any of these articles:


* Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome
* Romulus Augustulus, the last Western Roman Emperor
* Valerius Romulus (Divus Romulus), deified son of a Roman emperor
*Romulus (fabulist)
*St. Romulus of Genoa, bishop of Genoa
*St. Romulus of Fiesole
*Romulus, martyred with Donatus, Secundian, and 86 companions


* Romulus, Michigan, a city in Michigan
** Romulus High School
* Romulus, New York, a town in New York
* Romulus, Alabama, a community in Tuscaloosa County, AL


* Romulus (Star Trek) , the fictional homeworld of the Romulans in Star Trek
* Romulus (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain
* Romulus (DC Comics) the plant master a villain who frequently fights Sandman and the JSA
*Romulus, a biological agent in a game


* 10386 Romulus, an asteroid
* Romulus, the main NSA (National Security Agency) DNS server hostname
* Romulus (moon), a moon of the asteroid 87 Sylvia
* "Romulus", a play by Gore Vidal
* Romulus, a South Devon Railway 0-6-0ST steam locomotive
* Romulus b-rep, a b-rep solid kernel modeler developed by Charles Lang and Ian Braid
* Romulus, a song on Sufjan Stevens' 2003 album, Michigan

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