Islamic electronic media in Pakistan

Islamic electronic media in Pakistan

By Islamic electronic media we mean that the media should be designed in such a way that it will present the true Islam. In Pakistan, Islamic media does not exist. In 1977 during Zia’s era there was a process of Islamization in which use of dopatta was made compulsory for the television announcers, actresses and they were forced to cover their heads with dopatta. Another step taken by TVBy Islamic electronic media we mean that the media should be designed in such a way that it will present the true Islam. In Pakistan, Islamic media does not exist. In 1977 during Zia’s era there was a process of Islamization in which use of dopatta was made compulsory for the television announcers, actresses and they were forced to cover their heads with dopatta. Another step taken by Zia was ban on nudity i.e. ban on display of nude posters particularly on portraying women as publicity symbols. Display of nude scenes and moving films with nudity were also banned.

Function and role of Islamic Media

The function and role of Islamic media is very important for a society they should provide the general public with the knowledge of Islam through informative programmes about religion they can educate the people as well as able to remove all the misconceptions regarding Islam. The most important role of Islamic media is to promote religious sectarian harmony among public by showing programmes and by calling Renowned Religious Scholars for educating the public. Secondly they have to play an important role in character building of the public. They have to transmit true Islamic values among the public related to religion. They have to create a positive image of Islam in the western world that Islam means Peace and Muslims are not terrorists.


Islamic Channels




These are the list of religious channels which are producing programmes relate to Islam.QTV Part of ARY Digital group was started in September 2003. It’s a first Islamic channel in the country. It was started with a purpose to educate the public regarding Islam and to present the true image of Islam throughout the World. Its targeted audience is the Muslims around the World. They design programmes for every member of the society such as man, womam and especially for the children so that they can learn about their religion from their childhood. QTV also offered certificated courses for the people sitting in homes they just have to watch the program Q –Campus and in the end of a program there is a question and answer sessions and they have to answers these questions and if there answers are correct they will get a certificate. They offered certificate courses for Arabic grammar, Hadiths, etc.

Labbik is a channel initially started as an Islamic channel but now they are also showing programmes related to current affairs and politics. Ilim TV is an up coming channel which is a dedicated channel for educating the world with issues related to Islam, education, current affairs etc.


The structure and policy of Islamic electronic media is to present the true Islam and to educate, and guide the general public about the right way of Islam. So they design their policies in way such that they can educate the public and to introduce the modern enlighten vision of Islam. Their main aim is to remove the misconceptions related to Islam.


Services provided by the Islamic media are to spread Islam, secondly to remove all the misconceptions relate to Islam, thirdly they wanted to present complete information about the religion and also to solve problems of people relate to Islam. For this purpose they invite renowned Religious Scholars, which help the public in understanding the true Islam and answer their questions.


Recent statistic shows that the viewer ships of Islamic channels have increased now. People these days are more interested in getting information about the religion as television is now found in every house in urban as well as in the rural areas.


Mostly the target of Islamic media is the people who are uneducated and do not have the knowledge about the religion and also target the Muslims living in the western world.


Mostly radio channels like FM 100.101,103 only made religious programmes on special occasions like Ramadan, Muharram, Rabiul-ul Aval, and Hajj. In daily transmission they broadcast recitation of Quran with translation, Hamd and Naat in the beginning of their transmission. Radio Pakistan shows programmes related to Islam in order to educate the public and to create awareness in them regarding religion.

Popular Religious Programmes on Various Channels

According to a survey programmes, which are popular, are Aalim Online (Geo), Aaj Aurat aur Islam, Deen Aasan (ATV) AAJ Islam (AAJ TV) Seratay Mustakeem, (TV 1) Haeya UL fallah (PTV).Aalim Online is a religious program that has tried to tackle the issues, which were not discussed even behind closed door The program broadcast almost daily, brings together Islamic scholars from the two main schools of thought, Sunni and Shia, who answer questions via live telephonic calls from various corners of the world.AAJ Islam: AAJ Islam is a programme design to safeguard the beliefs and protect the theological foundations of the religion by answering the questions in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Religious leaders of the highest order will take questions and provide the ideological reasoning behind every aspect of Islam and is its modern application. The format of the programme is talk show.Aaj Aurat aur Islam: It’s a programme based on the teaching of Islam with regard to the status and role of women. Dr Sammar Fatima renowned religious scholar gives answers in the light of Quran, and Hadith.


The most important medium used for communication these days is the Internet. In Pakistan there are many websites related to Islam but there are so many controversies regarding these websites because people are of the opinion that some websites are not educating people regarding the true teachings of Islam and some are doing propaganda against Islam and encouraging wrong concepts related to Islam some people are of the views that there are some websites which are owned by non Muslims and are providing the people with the incorrect information about Islam but on the other hand there are some websites which are providing the people with the complete knowledge of Islam their main target is the youth but they are very few. There are many websites, which are in Urdu also, which are working in order to inform the people regarding true Islam.

In terms of credibility and authenticity there are many controversies regarding these Islamic websites. Some are of the view that these websites are using religion for their own benefits and exploiting people in terms of religion.

ome Websites related to Islam

[ Al Rehman- Al Rahim] [ Dars-e-Quran] [ Tanzeem] [ Urdu Point]

Role of these websites

Websites have a very important role to play, as Internet these days is a very popular medium for interactions. These websites can play a very important and positive role in order to guide the people with the correct knowledge of Islam but there are only few, which are educating the people with the accurate information about religion. Mostly websites are not playing its due role. Internet is a powerful medium it is a platform by which these websites can remove all the misconceptions related to Islam and can work for the welfare of the Muslims.

These websites have articles, names of Islamic books, and all the information related to Islam. People can also ask questions on various issues related to Islam through emails and their questions are answered by the Religious Scholars. There are many websites, which present the recitation and translation of Quran in English so that Muslims living in abroad can understand Quran and can act upon the teaching of Islam.

Islamic media vs. Modern media

When we compared modern media with the Islamic media we see that it is not representing Islam. These days media is so much influenced by the western media that they are neglecting their own values, culture and norms. Currently the basic aim of the media organization is to earn as much as they can without taking care of the content of their programmes. Previously we saw that the media pays much more attention to the content and they showed in their dramas our culture, norms and our Islamic values but recently they paid no attention to these things and design programmes inspired by others culture due to which society is facing problems. We see these days the respect of Parents and others are diminishing and Social problems are on rise.

It is the responsibility of a media as a social institution that it should plan programmes in such a way that they can educate the people regarding their own culture, norms and values because nowadays people spend more time in watching T.V rather than spending time with their families. So media can play a positive role in transmitting the cultures and values to the masses regarding their religion.

Future and scope of Islamic Channels and shows

The future of Islamic channels and shows is very bright because nowadays people are interested more in knowing about their religion and with the help of more and more dedicated Islamic channels and programmes they will gain more awareness about that which will help them not only in becoming a good Muslim but also a good citizen. But the most important thing needed is that the programmes related to religion should be design very carefully correct and accurate information should be given to the people on the topic of Islam due to these Islamic channels and programmes those who don’t have the complete awareness regarding religion will be able to educate themselves by watching these programmes and by doing this, the media can play a significant role for the betterment of the society.

Authenticity of these Programmes

One of the most important elements of any programme is its authenticity. As the demand of these programmes and channels are increasing many channels are designing Islamic programmes with out taking care of its accuracy. People who don’t know about religion were called and are doing programmes related to Islam and they are transmitting wrong information about religion, which is not only bad for them but also for the people who are watching and believing in that.

People these days are using religion for the fulfillment of their purpose and they are convincing people regarding their point of view by saying that’s its in our religion as the people don’t have the knowledge about their religion they are following them blindly so they are exploiting people in the name of religion.

It is the authenticity and credibility by which any programme gains popularity and if the people concern wont pay attention to it they will lose their viewer ship and also their reputation. Special attention should be paid in making programmes related to religion because by these programmes people are getting education regarding religion.

Lack of dedicated Islamic Channels

There is a lack of dedicated Islamic channels due to which people are not getting enough or complete knowledge regarding their religion. For a country like ours where social problems are increasing very fast the need of an hour is to educate people regarding the teachings of Islam for this purpose Dedicated religious channels should come up and guide the common man regarding religion. In order to remove these social upheavals more religious channels should come up with the true teachings of Islam with the aim to provide the public with the full understanding of Islam.

Control and ownership

The control and owner ship of Islamic media should be in the hands of peoples who have the correct knowledge of Islam rather than those who don’t know any thing about religion. A Person with the better knowledge of Islam can able to control the content if any thing wrong in it. Those people who have the complete knowledge about the religion should be called and the control and ownership should be given to the people having good knowledge about Islam they should be given freedom by the government to talk about the issues which are sensitive but with responsibility and government should keep an eye on the programmes made by them. The government should punish those who are providing wrong information to the people.

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