Round ligament of liver

Round ligament of liver

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Name = Round ligament of liver
Latin = ligamentum teres hepatis
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Caption = Inferior surface of the liver. (Round ligament labeled at bottom.)

Caption2 = 1: Right lobe of liver
2: Left lobe of liver
3: Quadrate lobe of liver
4: Round ligament of liver
5: Falciform ligament
6: Caudate lobe of liver
7: Inferior vena cava
8: Common bile duct
9: Hepatic artery
10: Portal vein
11: Cystic duct
12: Hepatic duct
13: Gallbladder

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Precursor = left umbilical vein
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DorlandsPre = l_09
DorlandsSuf = 12493344
:"For other structures with similar name, see round ligament."In anatomy, the round ligament of (the) liver (also commonly known by its Latin name, ligamentum teres - or more specifically ligamentum teres hepatis as the human body has three round ligaments in total) is a degenerative string of tissue that exists in the free edge of the falciform ligament of the liver.

The round ligament represents the remnant of the left fetal umbilical vein. The round ligament therefore only exists in humans (and other animals) that are more than a few months old. Prenatally and for a month or two after birth, the umbilical vein is patent.

The umbilical vein/round ligament inserts around the umbilicus and is an important landmark of the inner surface of the anterior abdominal wall.

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