Nephilim (disambiguation)

Nephilim (disambiguation)

Nephilim (or Giants) are offspring of "sons of God" and "daughters of men" mentioned in the Bible. (Genesis 6:4, Numbers 13:33)

Nephilim may also refer to:

In literature:

In gaming:

  • Nephilim (roleplaying game), a 1992 role-playing game by French company Multisim (later Chaosium) in which players take on roles of ancient spirits that can move from one human incarnation to another.
  • Nephilim (Xenosaga), a character in the Xenosaga series
  • Nephilim (Wing Commander), codename given to an unknown race of squid-like aliens in the video game Wing Commander: Prophecy
  • Nephilim (Avernum), or Nephils, a race of feline humanoids in the computer role-playing game series Exile and Avernum
  • Nephilim, an extinct race, product of relationships held between fallen angels and humans in Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness videogame
  • Nephilim, a creature type in the Guildpact expansion for the Magic: The Gathering trading-card game.

In music:

  • Fields of the Nephilim, a British gothic rock band.
    • Nefilim, a gothic metal band formed as a successor to Fields of the Nephilim
  • "The Nephilim", a song on the 2000 AFI album The Art of Drowning
  • "Nephilim", song by Katatonia from their 2009 album Night Is the New Day
  • "Nephilim" (song), a 2007 single by J-Rock band Abingdon Boys School
  • "The Nephilim Rising", a song by death metal band Behemoth that appeared on their 2004 record Demigod

In film and television:

  • Ha'Nephilim (The Outsiders), an Israeli television show that involves supernatural beings called Nephilim
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