HMS Halcyon (J42)

HMS Halcyon (J42)

HMS Halcyon was a Halcyon class minesweeper built for the Royal Navy in 1933. She was the lead vessel in the class. Her pennant number was J.42.

"Halcyon" was built by John Brown Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Ltd., at Clydebank, in Scotland. She was laid down on 27 March, 1933 and launched on 20 December of the same year. She was commissioned on 18 April, 1934.

During the Second World War, "Halcyon" served as the lead ship in the 1st Minesweeper Flotilla and saw service during the Arctic convoys, including Convoy PQ-17 (1942). She also saw service during Operation Neptune, the naval component of Operation Overlord (D-Day, 1944).

"Halcyon" was sold for scrapping at Milford Haven on 19th April, 1950 after 16-years service with the RN.


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