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Personal name

* Tamar (name), a female name of Hebrew origin, now popular among various peoples
** Tamar (Bible) ("Date Palm"), married in turn to Er and then, when widowed, to his younger brother Onan; had children by their father Judah (eponymous ancestor of the Judeans and the Jews)
** Tamar, daughter of Biblical King David (2 Sam. 13:1-32; 1 Chr. 3:9), and thus a descendant of the one mentioned above; was full sister of Absalom who took revenge for her rape by their brother Amnon
**A daughter of Absalom (2 Sam. 14:27), niece of David's daughter Tamar and a descendant of the first mentioned; was mother of Maachah, who became Rehoboam's wife
** Queen Tamar of Georgia, ruled 1184-1213
** Tamar, also known as Gürcü Hatun, daughter of Queen Rusudan of Georgia and wife of Kaykhusraw of the Seljuq dynasty
** The original form of Tamara and Tammy
** Támar is the name of a female singer who came to fame through Prince.
** Tamar Braxton, youngest sister of Toni Braxton and R&B coloratura soprano
***Her debut album
** Hilary Tamar, an androgynous legal scholar in the novels of Sarah Caudwell
** Tamar Gozansky, Israeli parliamentarian and left-wing political leader
* Tamar (goddess), a Goddess in Georgian Mythology


* Tamar, A district of Leigh,Lancashire, around the Bowling Green public house at the junction of Wigan Road and Nel Pan Lane.
* River Tamar, a river in south western England, that forms most of the border between Devon (to the east) and Cornwall (to the west)
* Tamar River (Tasmania), Australia
* Tamar, Slovenia, the end of the Planica valley
*Tamar Site, former location of the British naval headquarters of the British Forces Overseas Hong Kong, is currently paved as a parking lot at the harbourfront of Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
*Tamar Street near the HMS "Tamar" base in Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
*Tamar Regional Council, a local government in southern Israel
*Ir Ovot, a site identified with biblical Tamar

Popular culture or Brands

* Tamar (novel), a children's war novel written by Mal Peet, winner of the Carnegie Medal award in 2005.
* Projeto TAMAR, Brazilian environmentalist non-profit organization.

cience and technology

* Tamar class lifeboat - the latest type of UK slipway-launched lifeboat
*HMS "Tamar", several ships and a single naval station, named after the River Tamar in South West England
* "Tamar" and "Tamar II", former and current Torpoint Ferries
* "Tamar", a GWR Caliph Class locomotive
* Tamar, palm tree, Arecaceae

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