Flash may refer to:
* Flash, Staffordshire

In technology:
* Flash (photography), instantaneous illumination for picture taking
* Xenon flash lamp, a lamp designed to produce intense white light for very short durations
* Adobe Flash, multimedia software
* Hook flash, a telephone function
* FLASH, acronym for Free Electron LASer of Hamburg
* Flash memory, a form of non-volatile computer memory
* FLASH MRI, a basic measuring principle for rapid MRI
* Molding flash, an excess material attached to a molded product along a parting line

In media:
* Flash (comics), any of multiple speedy comics superheroes
* Flash (G.I. Joe), a character in G.I. Joe media
* Flash Gordon, the hero of a science fiction comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond
* Flash Thompson
* "Flash" (album) (2005), by electronic musician Towa Tei
* "Flash" (Jeff Beck album) (1985), by rock guitarist Jeff Beck
* "Flash" (song), by rock band Queen
* "Flash" (Stéphanie song), a 1986 single by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco
* Flash (band), a progressive rock group
* "Flash" (1997 film), an American television film
* "Flash" (2004 film), an American film
* "Flash" (2007 film), a Malayalam film

In other uses:
* Muzzle flash, the visible light of the muzzle blast when a firearm is discharged
* Utah Flash, an NBA Development League team
* Flash (juggling), a type of throwing and catching
* Flash (tattoo), a source pattern for body art
* Flash evaporation, causing evaporation by lowering a fluid's pressure below its vapour pressure
* Flash (cleaning product), the UK name of Mr. Clean, produced by Procter & Gamble
* Flash Airlines, a private charter airline operating out of Cairo, Egypt
* Grandmaster Flash (born 1958), an American hip hop musician and DJ
* DJ Flash (born 1957), an American DJ
* M202A1 FLASH, a rocket launcher

See also

* Flashing (disambiguation)
* Flashlight (disambiguation)
* Pennington Flash Country Park
* Flash mob
* Flash animation
* Flash fiction
* Flash paper (disambiguation)
* Exhibitionism

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