Yellow Peril (disambiguation)

Yellow Peril (disambiguation)

Yellow peril is a racist phrase used to express Western fears about East Asian immigration, culture, and economic power. The term "Yellow Peril" can also refer to:
* "Yellow Peril" (novel), a book by Wang Lixiong which was banned in the People's Republic of China.
* Yellow Peril (organization), a political activist group promoting equality for Asian Americans in the 1970s.
* The nickname given to "Vault" (sculpture), a controversial public sculpture in Melbourne, Australia.
*"Yellow Peril", a song by Steely Dan on an unauthorized album entitled "Old Regime"

It is also used as a slang term for:
* The N3N Canary aircraft.
* In Britain, a traffic warden.
* In Quebec, Canada, a school bus.

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