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"Tsst," (also known as "The Dog Whisperer,") is episode #146 of Comedy Central's animated comedy tv series, "South Park" which aired on May 3, 2006. This was the first episode of the new season to air on SBS TV in Australia.


Cartman is in Mr. Mackey's office with his mother, Liane, where he is forced to explain why he told Billy Turner that he poisoned his milk, handcuffed him to a flagpole and gave him a saw, telling him that he had to saw off his foot to get the antidote after he was called 'chubby'. When she realizes she can't control her son anymore, she attempts to get help from an expert. At first, she tries to enlist the aid of the nanny from the reality tv program "Nanny 911" after Mr. Mackey recommended it to her, but to no avail; Cartman makes Nanny Stella realize, with her own methods, that the reason she became a nanny is because she was unattractive and undesirable to men, which is why she never had children of her own and the fact that she could have been infertile; this causes her to become angry and give up on Cartman. Her second attempt is with Jo Frost from "Super Nanny", who ends up in an asylum eating her own excrement and crying "From hell, it's from hell!" Ultimately Ms. Cartman recruits Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, from the show of the same name. He takes on his biggest challenge to date when he is signed on to discipline Eric Cartman.

Millan evaluates Cartman as dominant, aggressive, and obese. He teaches Liane to show Cartman she is the "pack leader", while treating Cartman as one would train a dog. Millan teaches Liane that dogs nip each other in the neck to show dominance, and it also works well with children. He, and later Liane, uses two fingers to nip at Cartman's neck to show that they are dominant, although it doesn't hurt him at all, whenever Cartman shows aggressive or compelling behavior, and otherwise totally ignore him unless he acts fully submissive. This, at first, angers and annoys Cartman and makes him run away. Cartman tries to seek help from his classmates, but none of them are sympathetic to his problem (not even Butters). He ends up living on the street for four hours before he decides to return home. While Cartman is gone, Liane has taken up her favorite hobby of Japanese sumi-e paintings. When he returns, Liane keeps on disciplining Cartman in the way Millan teaches her, and Cartman eventually reaches a relaxed and submissive state in which he behaves much like a dog (Cartman walks around with his head down, peers aimlessly at all directions and takes a treat off Liane's hand). Cartman brushes his teeth when his mother commands him to, seemingly against his own will.

However, he denounces the now much more healthy or regular dinner as "just like Auschwitz", and attempts to persuade his friends to help him kill Liane, comparing her dominance to Hitler, and claiming that, having lost 10 pounds, he now knows how the Jews felt during the Holocaust. When his friends refuse to help him murder his mother, he decides to carry out his plan himself, despite his recognition that he will be the most likely suspect. Cartman sneaks into Liane's bedroom, but upon trying to kill her with a knife, he has a struggle in his mind between his newly-good and his normal, "demonic" sides that is a parody of the film "Altered States"; finally, he vomits up bile, drops the knife and passes out.

In the morning, Liane finds the knife, but also sees that Cartman made his own healthy breakfast, and is studying before school, which surprises her, as Cartman never did those things before. At the same time, Millan comes to have a final check. Liane thanks him for converting her son into a good child and being her new friend, and tells him she has tickets for the two of them to see "Madame Butterfly" together. Cesar informs Liane that he only sees her as a client, and now that his work is done, he must leave. Losing her only friend, a desperate Liane promises that she will take Cartman to KFC and get Cartman a toy from Target, as long as he will spend time with her. Cartman asks could he possibly have two toys and Liane agrees going so far as to say, "you can have whatever you want". In the final scene they hug. As the main theme from "The Omen" plays, Cartman smiles triumphantly into the camera, in a nod to the last scene of the film.

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