List of Indian film clans

List of Indian film clans

The Indian film industry, particularly that part known as "Bollywood" is renowned for being very clannish, [Ranganathan Magadi & Ranganathan Magadi, "India Rises in the West", page 311,, 2006, ISBN 1430301058] with the relatives of film-industry insiders having an edge in getting coveted roles in films or being part of a film's crew.

This page lists some of the more well-known such "clans".

The Akhtar-Azmi family

Lyricist Javed Akhtar married script writer Honey Irani. His second wife is actress Shabana Azmi. Azmi's nieces are actresses Farha and Tabu. Their cousins are Farah and Sajid Khan.

* Javed Akhtar
* Honey Irani (first wife of Javed Akhtar)
* Shabana Azmi (second wife of Javed Akhtar)
* Kaifi Azmi (father of Shabana Azmi)
* Farhan Akhtar (son of Javed and Honey)
* Zoya Akhtar (daughter of Javed and Honey)
* Tabu (niece of Shabana Azmi)
* Farah Khan (niece of Honey Irani)
* Sajid Khan (nephew of Honey Irani)
* Baba Azmi (brother of Shabana Azmi)
* Tanvi Azmi (wife of Baba Azmi)

The Anand family

The most prominent member of the family is actor Dev Anand, who has starred in over a hundred films. Another member of the family is internationally known director Shekhar Kapur, he is known for directing the film "Elizabeth". He was married to actress Suchitra Krishnamurthy.

* Dev Anand
* Kalpana Kartik (Wife of Dev Anand)
* Suneil Anand (Son of Dev Anand)
* Chetan (Brother of Dev Anand)
* Vijay Anand (Brother of Dev Anand)
* Shekhar Kapur (Nephew of Dev Anand)
* Suchitra Krishnamurthy (ex-Wife of Shekar)
* Purab Kohli (Nephew of Shekhar Kapur)

The Babbar family

Raj Babbar is an Indian actor and has been married twice. His first wife is Nadira Babbar, who became known with her appearance in "Bride and Prejudice" (2004) with Aishwarya Rai. Their children are Arya Babbar and Juhi Babbar. Both have ventured into the film industry. Raj's second wife was actress Smita Patil, she died giving birth to their child in 1986. Her son Prateik made his acting debut in 2008 in the film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

* Raj Babbar
* Nadira Babbar (his first wife)
* Arya Babbar (their son)
* Juhi Babbar (their daughter)
* Smita Patil (Raj's second wife)
* Prateik Babbar (their son)

The Bachchan family

The Bachchan family starts with Harivansh Rai Bachchan. He had two sons, Amitabh and Ajitabh, but it is his son Amitabh Bachchan who went on to become a huge star in the industry. Amitabh married actress Jaya Bhaduri and had two children Shweta and Abhishek. Abhishek started acting in many films since 2000 and is achieving success. Shweta Nanda is married to Nikhil Nanda who is the grandson of Raj Kapoor

* Harivansh Rai Bachchan
* Amitabh Bachchan (son of Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Teji Bachchan)
* Jaya Bachchan (wife of Amitabh)
* Abhishek Bachchan (son of Amitabh and Jaya)
* Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (wife of Abhishek)
* Shweta Nanda (daughter of Amitabh and Jaya; daughter-in-law of Ritu Kapoor,)
* Ritu Nanda
* Nikhil Nanda (son of Rajan and Ritu Nanda; husband of Shweta Nanda)

The Baweja Family

* Harry Baweja
* Pammi Baweja (Wife of Harry Baweja)
* Harman Baweja (Son of Harry and Pammi Baweja)

The Bedi family

* Kabir Bedi (Married to late Protima Bedi)
* Protima Bedi (Wife of Kabir)
* Pooja Bedi (Kabir and Protima's daughter)

The Bhatt family

* Mahesh Bhatt
* Pooja Bhatt (Mahesh's daughter)
* Mukesh Bhatt (Mahesh's brother)
* Vikram Bhatt (Mukesh's son)
* Emraan Hashmi (nephew of both Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt),
* Soni Razdan (Mahesh Bhatt's ex-wife)
* Onjolee Nair (niece of Mahesh Bhatt)
* Mohit Suri (Mahesh's nephew)

The Chopra family

* Baldev Raj Chopra (Veteran Hindi Film Producer and Director and brother of Yash Chopra)
* Yash Chopra (Hindi Film Producer and Director and brother of B.R. Chopra)
* Aditya Chopra (Hindi film producer and Director and Yash Chopra's Son)
* Ravi Chopra ( B.R.Chopra's son and Film Director)
* Uday Chopra (Yash Chopra's son and Actor)

The Deol family

The Deols start with Dharmendra. His sons (Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol) went on to pursue a successful film career. Esha Deol and Ahana Deol are the daughters of Dharmendra and Hema Malini. Esha has pursued a film career, whilst Dharmendra's nephew Abhay Deol has just started in the industry.

* Dharmendra
* Hema Malini (second wife)
* Sunny Deol (son)
* Bobby Deol (son)
* Esha Deol (daughter)
* Abhay Deol (nephew)
* Madhoo (niece of Hema Malini)

The Dutt family

Nargis and Sunil Dutt both acted in the industry in the 1950s. Nargis retired from the industry after her marriage to Sunil but Sunil continued to act until the early 90s. Their son, Sanjay has pursued a successful film career since 1982 and continues to act today. Nargis passed away due to cancer in the year her son made his debut in 1982 and Sunil Dutt died in May 2005.

* Jaddanbai
* Nargis (late daughter of Jaddanbai)
* Anwar Hussain (son of Jaddanbai; Nargis' brother)
* Sunil Dutt (late husband of Nargis)
* Sanjay Dutt (son of Sunil and Nargis)
* Priya Dutt (daughter of Sunil and Nargis)
* Richa Sharma (late wife of Sanjay)
* Kumar Gaurav (son-in-law of Sunil Dutt)
* Rajendra Kumar (father of Kumar Gaurav)
* Rhea Pillai (ex-wife of Sanjay Dutt)

The Ganguly family

Ashok, Kishore and Anoop Kumar have all acted in the industry. Their family is related to the Mukherjee family through the marriage of Sashadhar Mukherjee to their only sister Sati Devi.

* Ashok Kumar
* Kishore Kumar
* Madhubala (Kishore Kumar's second wife)
* Yogita Bali (Kishore Kumar's third wife)
* Leena Chandavarkar (Kishore Kumar's fourth wife)
* Preeti Ganguly (Ashok Kumar's daughter)
* Deven Verma (Ashok Kumar's son in law)
* Amit Kumar (Kishore Kumar's son)
* Anuradha Patel (Ashok Kumar's granddaughter)
* Anoop Kumar

The Haasan-Ratnam Family

Originated in South India, Kamal Haasan and Mani Ratnam are two of the biggest names in the industry.

* Mani Ratnam
* Suhasini Ratnam (Mani's wife)
* Chaaru Haasan (Suhasini's father)
* Kamal Haasan (Chaaru Haasan's brother)
* Sarika (Kamal Haasan's ex-wife)
* Anu Haasan (Chandra Haasan's daughter)
* Shruti Haasan (Kamal Haasan's daughter)
* G. Venkateswaran (Mani's brother)
* G. Srinivasan (Mani's brother)

The Hussain family

Nasir Hussain was a very successful film director in the 1960s and 1970s. Tahir Hussain and Mansoor Khan have both directed films but it is Aamir Khan who has gone on to become a successful actor in the industry. His brother Faisal has also acted in some films but none have been successful. Aamir Khan launched his nephew Imraan Khan in 2008 in the film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

* Nasir Hussain
* Tahir Hussain (brother of Nasir Hussain)
* Aamir Khan (son of Tahir Hussain)
* Mansoor Khan (son of Nasir Hussain)
* Faisal Khan (son of Tahir Hussain)
* Nikhat Khan (daughter of Tahir Hussain)
* Imran Khan (son of Nuzhat Khan)

The Kapoor family (of Jeetendra)

* Jeetendra (real name Ravi Kapoor)
* Shobha Kapoor (Jeetendra's wife)
* Tusshar Kapoor (son)
* Ekta Kapoor (daughter)
* Nitin Kapoor (Jeetendra's cousin)
* Jayasudha (Nitin Kapoor's wife)

The Kapoor family (of Prithviraj Kapoor)

Probably one of the oldest families in the industry, the Kapoor family have been in the industry for years since the 1940s. It is mainly Raj Kapoor's descendants that have carried on with the family tradition of acting. Karisma Kapoor was briefly engaged to Abhishek Bachchan the son of Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh's daughter Shweta is married to Raj Kapoor's grandson.

* Prithviraj Kapoor (son of Dewan Basheswarnath Kapoor)(1906 - 1972)
* Raj Kapoor (son of Prithviraj) (1924 - 1988)
* Rajindernath (brother-in-law of Raj Kapoor)
* Premnath (brother in law of Raj Kapoor)
* Bina Rai (Premnath's wife)
* Shammi Kapoor (son of Prithviraj) (born October 21, 1931),
* Geeta Bali (first wife of Shammi) (1930 - 1965)
* Yogita Bali (niece of Geeta Bali)
* Shashi Kapoor (son of Prithviraj) (born 1942)
* Jennifer Kapoor (wife of Shashi) (1934 – 1984)
* Karan Kapoor (son of Shashi)
* Kunal Kapoor (Son of Shashi)
* Sanjana Kapoor (daughter of Shashi)
* Valmik Thapar (married to Sanjana)
* Randhir Kapoor (first son of Raj) (born 15 February 1953 in India)
* Karisma Kapoor (elder daughter of Randhir)
* Kareena Kapoor (younger daughter of Randhir)
* Rishi Kapoor (second son of Raj)
* Neetu Singh (wife of Rishi)
* Ranbir Kapoor (son of Rishi and Neetu)
* Ritu Nanda (daughter of Raj)
* Nikhil Nanda (son of Ritu and Rajan Nanda and married to Shweta Bachchan-Nanda)
* Rajiv Kapoor (third son of Raj)

The Kapoor family (of Surinder Kapoor)

Surinder Kapoor is also related to the main Kapoor family. His sons have acted and produced in the industry. Producer Boney Kapoor is married to actress Sridevi. Anil Kapoor's daughter, Sonam made her debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film "Saawariya" (2007). Boney Kapoor's Son Arjun is working with Nikhil Advani as an assistant director.

*Surinder Kapoor (father)
*Boney Kapoor (oldest son)
*Anil Kapoor (middle son)
*Sandeep Marwah (son in Law)
*Sanjay Kapoor (youngest son)
*Sridevi (Boney Kapoor's second wife)
*Sonam Kapoor (daughter of Anil)

The Kapoor-Pathak family

* Pankaj Kapoor
* Neelima Azeem (ex-wife of Pankaj Kapoor)
* Shahid Kapoor (son of Pankaj and Neelima)
* Supriya Pathak (second wife of Pankaj Kapoor)
* Ishaan Kapoor (Shahid's brother)
* Ratna Pathak (Sister of Supriya Pathak)
* Naseeruddin Shah (husband of Ratna Pathak)
* Dina Pathak (mother of Supriya and Ratna Pathak)

The Khan family (of Salim Khan)

The Khan family starts with script writer Salim Khan. His sons Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan have all acted in the industry as well as directed and produced some hits.

* Salim Khan
* Helen (second wife)
* Salman Khan (eldest son)
* Arbaaz Khan (middle son)
* Sohail Khan (youngest son)
* Malaika Arora (wife of Arbaaz Khan)
* Amrita Arora (younger sister of Malaika)
* Atul Agnihotri (husband of Alvira - Salman Khan's Sister)

The Khan-Roshan family

Rakesh Roshan was an actor from the 60s to the 80s. Towards the 90s he started directing films. His brother Rajesh is a Music director and does the music for Rakesh's films. Rakesh introduced his son Hrithik in 2000 in the film "Kaho Na Pyaar Hai" which made Hrithik a star overnight.Most Bollywood film families marry into other families.

* Roshan (father of Rakesh Roshan)
* Rakesh Roshan
* J. Om Prakash (father-in-law of Rakesh Roshan)
* Rajesh Roshan (brother of Rakesh)
* Hrithik Roshan (son of Rakesh)
* Suzanne Khan (Hrithik's wife)
* Zayed Khan (Suzanne's Brother)
* Fardeen Khan (Suzanne's Cousin)
* Sanjay Khan (Suzanne's Father)
* Feroz Khan (Suzanne's Uncle)

The Khanna family (of Rajesh Khanna)

Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia's daughters Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna have also acted in the industry. Twinkle Khanna left the industry after her marriage to actor Akshay Kumar.

* Rajesh Khanna
* Dimple Kapadia (his wife)
* Twinkle Khanna (his eldest daughter, real name Tina Khanna)
* Akshay Kumar (his son-in-law, real name Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia)
* Rinke Khanna (his younger daughter)
* Simple Kapadia (Sister of Dimple Kapadia)

The Khanna family (of Vinod Khanna)

Vinod Khanna was a popular successful actor in the industry in the 1970s and 80s. His sons Akshaye and Rahul both pursued a film career though Rahul has not been as successful.

* Vinod Khanna
* Rahul Khanna (eldest son-Gitanjali's Son)
* Akshaye Khanna (youngest son-Gitanjali's Son)

The Kher family

The Kher family includes the actors Anupam Kher and Kiron Kher. Their son is actor Sikander Kher. Anupam has starred in the international hit film "Bend It Like Beckham". He recently won the best actor award given by the Karachi International Film Festival for "Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara" (2005). Kiron Kher won the Bronze Leopard Award given by the Locarno International Film Festival for "Khamosh Pani: Silent Waters" (2003).

* Anupam Kher
* Kiron Kher (wife of Anupam Kher)
* Sikander Kher (son of Anupam and Kirron Kher)

The Kumar family

* Gulshan Kumar
* Bhushan Kumar (son of Gulshan Kumar)
* Tulsi Kumar (daughter of Gulshan Kumar)

The Mukesh family

* Mukesh
* Nitin Mukesh (son of Mukesh)
* Neil Nitin Mukesh (son of Nitin Mukesh)

The Mangeshkar family

* Hridayanath Mangeshkar
* Lata Mangeshkar
* Asha Bhosle
* Meena Mangeshkar
* Usha Mangeshkar
* R.D. Burman (second husband of Asha)
* S.D. Burman (father of R.D. Burman)
* Padmini Kolhapure(actress niece of Lata Mangeshkar)
* Tejaswini Kolhapure (sister of Padmini)
* Shakti Kapoor (actor brother in law of Padmini)

The Mukherjee-Samarth family

The current members of the Mukherjee-Samarth family that are in the industry are Tanuja,Rani Mukerji,Kajol, Tanisha and Mohnish Behl. The family have been acting in the industry since the 1940s. Their family married into the Ganguly brothers. Sashadhar Mukherjee was married to Sati Devi who was the sister of three brothers. The Mukherjee and Samarth family are related through the marriage of Tanuja to the son of Sashadhar Mukherjee.

* Rattan Bai
* Shobhana Samarth (daughter of Rattan Bai, mother of Nutan and Tanuja)
* Debashree Roy (aunt of Rani Mukerji)
* Sashadhar Mukherjee (grandfather of Kajol and Tanisha, married to Sati Devi)
* Ashok Kumar (brother of Sati Devi- also features in Ganguly brothers)
* Kishore Kumar (brother of Sati Devi- also features in Ganguly brothers)
* Subodh Mukherjee (brother of Sashadhar)
* Joy Mukherjee (son of Sashadhar)
* Deb Mukherjee (son of Sashadhar)
* Ram Mukherjee (son of Ravidramohan Mukherjee)
* Nutan (daughter of Shobhana Samarth)
* Tanuja (daughter of Shobhana Samarth)
* Mohnish Behl (son of Nutan)
* Rani Mukerji (daughter of Ram and Krishna Mukherjee)
* Kajol (eldest daughter of Tanuja and Shomu Mukherjee)
* Tanisha (youngest daughter of Tanuja and Shomu Mukherjee)
* Sharbani Mukherjee
* Ajay Devgan (husband of Kajol)
* Veeru Devgan (father of Ajay Devgan)
* Anil Devgan (brother of Ajay Devgan)

The Oberoi family

*Suresh Oberoi
*Vivek Oberoi (second son of Suresh and Yashodhara Oberoi)

The Pataudis

Sharmila Tagore is married to Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi who was an Indian cricket captain. She has also acted in Bengali films. Saif Ali Khan is a popular actor and is also a National Award winner.Soha Ali Khan, has just started in the industry.
* Mansoor Ali Khan
* Sharmila Tagore
* Soha Ali Khan-their daughter
* Saif Ali Khan-their son
* Amrita Singh-his ex-wife

The Patel family

* Asha Patel (mother of Amisha and Ashmit patel)
* Amisha Patel (Daughter of Amit & Asha Patel)
* Ashmit Patel (Son of Asha & Amit Patel)

The Puri family

Amrish Puri was probably the best known villain in the industry. His brother Madan was also a successful actor.

* Madan Puri
* Amrish Puri
* Om Puri

The Raj Kumar family

*Raaj Kumar
*Puru Raajkumar

The Sen-Dev Varma family

* Suchitra Sen
* Moonmoon Sen (daughter of Suchitra)
* Bharat Dev Varma (husband of Moonmoon)
* Raima Sen (elder daughter of Moonmoon, real name Raima Dev Varma)
* Riya Sen (younger daughter of Moonmoon, real name Riya Dev Varma)

The Shetty family

* Shilpa Shetty
* Shamita Shetty (sister of Shilpa Shetty)


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