Dusty may refer to:



  • edit] Places
    • Dusty, Tajikistan, a town in southern Tajikistan, formerly Molotovabad
    • Dusty, New Mexico, a town in western Socorro County, New Mexico, USA
    • Dusty, Washington, a tiny town in Whitman County, Washington, USA


    • Dusty Baker, Baseball player and manager
    • Dusty Miller (disambiguation)
    • Dusty Rhodes (disambiguation)
    • Dusty Springfield (1939–1999), English soul and pop singer
    • Kyle "Dusty" Foggo (1954- ), US government intelligence officer
    • Slim Dusty (1927–2003), Australian outback singer–songwriter
    • Dusty Collins, American professional ice hockey player
    • Dusty Belisle, Petro Canada employee, also known as Dust, Dustball, Dustables and Dust bucket. (very dusty character)


    • Dusty (Archie), the sidekick of Archie comics superhero "The Shield"
    • Dusty (G.I. Joe), a character in the G.I. Joe universe
    • Dusty Bin, mascot character from the UK gameshow 3-2-1.
    • Dusty Chandler, a fictitious country music singer portrayed by George Strait in the 1992 American film Pure Country.

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