Bell (surname)

Bell (surname)

Bell is a surname, and may refer to many people.Family name


* Acton Bell, pseudonym of Anne Brontë
* Adrian Bell, British farmer-writer, father of Martin Bell
* Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), inventor
* Alexander Melville Bell, Scottish-American philologist, father of Alexander Graham Bell
* Alexandre Douala Manga Bell (1897–1966), Duala ruler in Cameroon
* Alphonzo E. Bell, Sr., American oil millionaire
* Alphonzo E. Bell, Jr., American politician
* Andy Bell (born 1964), British vocalist
* Andy Bell (born 1970), British musician
* Andy Bell, British psychologist
* Angelica Bell, British artist Angelica Garnett, daughter of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant
* Archie Bell (born 1944), American musician
* Art Bell (born 1945), American radio host
* Arthur William Bell (1929-1935), British bailiff
* Arthur W. Bell, American locomotive builder
* Arthur Bell, Franciscan martyr, d. 1643


* Benny Bell, American songwriter
* Bert Bell (1895-1959), American football commissioner
* Bill Bell, American mayor
* Bob Bell (actor), American clown
* Bob Bell (motorsport), a Formula One engineer
* Bobby Bell
* Brian Bell (musician)
* Brian Douglas Bell, New Zealand ornithologist
* Bryce Bell
* Buddy Bell
* Burton C. Bell, American rock singer


* Carey Bell (born 1926), musician
* Catherine Bell (born 1968), British-American actress
* Catherine J. Bell, Canadian politician
* Charles Bell (1774-1842), Scottish surgeon
* Charles Bell (surveyor)
* Charles Henry Bell (1823-1893), American politician
* Charles H. Bell (1798–1875), United States naval officer
* Charlie Bell (1868-1937), Major League Baseball pitcher
* Charlie Bell (1960?-2005), Australian businessman
* Charlie Bell (born 1979), United States basketball player
* Chichester A. Bell, American sound engineer
* Chris Bell (1951-1978), musician
* Chris Bell (born 1959), politician
* Chris Bell, rugby player
* Clive Bell (1881-1964), British art critic and philosopher
* Colin Bell
* Cool Papa Bell, American baseball player
* Currer Bell, pseudonym of Charlotte Brontë


* Daniel Bell, American sociologist
* David Bell (born 1972), American baseball player
* David Bell (1936-1990), Scottish TV producer and director
* David Bell (Australian politician)
* David Bell, Australian field hockey player
* David Bell (born 1984), English-born Irish footballer for Norwich City
* David Bell (born 1985), Irish footballer for Finn Harps
* David Bell, Irish soldier
* David Bell, British civil servant, Permanent Secretary, Department for Education and Skills
* David Mandessi Bell, prominent Duala trader in Cameroon
* Derek Bell (1935-2002), harpist
* Derek Bell (born 1941), British racing driver
* Derek Bell (born 1968), American baseball player
* Derrick Bell, American law professor
* Dillon Bell (1822-1898), New Zealand politician
* Doug Bell (born 1961), American computer game developer
* Drake Bell, American actor and guitarist
* Drew Tyler Bell, American actor and performer


* Earl Bell, American pole vaulter
* Edward William Derrington Bell, British soldier
* Sir Edmond Bell (Knight), English MP
* Eileen Bell
* Ellis Bell, pseudonym of Emily Brontë
* Eric Temple Bell (1883-1960), American mathematician


* Francis Bell (New Zealand Prime Minister)
* Francis Bell (actor)
* Frank Bell (1863-1891), Major League Baseball player
* Franklin Bell, American general
* Frederick William Bell


*Geoff Bell (Disambiguation)
* George Bell, one of several people including
**George John Bell (1872–1944), Australian politician
**George Bell (1874–1941), American baseball player
**George Bell (1878–1966), Australian painter
**George Kennedy Allen Bell (1883–1958), Anglican bishop of Chichester
**George Bell, Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Canadian province of British Columbia, early 20th century
**George Irving Bell (1926–2000), American mountain climber
**George Bell (born 1959), Dominican baseball player
* Gertrude Bell (1868-1926), British archaeologist, writer & spy
* Glen Bell, American founder of Taco Bell
* Gordon Bell (born 1934), computer engineer
* Gordon Bell, British comic strip artist
* Gordon Bell, Canadian computer scientist
* Gordon Bell, former NHLer
* Graeme Bell
* Graham Bell QC, former Scottish Advocate Depute
* Graham E. Bell, astronomer
* Graham Bell (artist), artist and journalist
* Grant Bell, Australian rugby league coach
* Griffin Bell (born 1918), American politician
* Gus Bell


* Heath Bell (born 1977), American baseball player
* Henri Lobe Bell, Duala ruler in Cameroon
* Henry Bell
* Henry H. Bell (1808-1868), American sailor
* Henry Lawrie Bell (1929-1984), Australian ornithologist
* Hilari Bell, American fantasy writer
* Hunter Bell, Served in WWII (Born 1926) In Barrow upon humber UK


* Ian Bell (born 1962), British game programmer
* Ian Bell (born 1982), British cricketer
* Isaac Lowthian Bell, British industrialist


* Jamie Bell (born 1986), British actor
* Jay Bell (born 1965), American baseball player
* Jocelyn Bell (born 1943), British astronomer, later known as Jocelyn Bell Burnell
* Johann Adam Schall von Bell, German Jesuit missionary
* John Bell, one of several people including
** Bell, John (d. 1556), English clergyman
** Bell, John (1765-1836), American politician - New Hampshire
**Bell, John (1797-1869), American politician - - Tennessee
**Bell, John (1799–1868), Canadian explorer and governor
**Bell, John, Australian Shakespearean actor
**Bell, John Joy (1871–1934), Scottish author
**Bell, John Lamberton, Scottish religious figure
**Bell, John Stewart (1928-1990), Irish physicist
**John Bell (academic) D.D., Master of Jesus College, Cambridge 1579–1589 in England
**John Bell (type founder), of eighteenth century England
**John Bell (surgeon), (1763–1820), brother of Charles Bell (anatomist)
**Sir John Bell, Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey 1848-1854
**John Joy Bell (1871–1934), Scottish author
**John Bell (footballer), scored for Everton F.C. in the 1897 FA Cup final
**John William Bell (1838-1901), Canadian political figure
**John Bell (Kent cricketer) (1718–1774)
**John Bell (musician), American guitarist and singer
**John Bell from The Bell Witch legend
**John Graham Bell (1812–1899), American taxidermist
**John Howatt Bell (1846–1929), Prince Edward Island politician
* Jonathan Bell, one of several people including
**Jonathan Bell(born 1965), televangelist
**Jonathan Bell, rugby union player.
*Jordan Bell (born 1994), famous American poet, actor, writer and singer
* Joshua Bell (born 1967), American musician
* Joshua Peter Bell (1827–1881), Queensland Parliamentarian
* Julia Bell (1879–1979), British geneticist
* Julian Bell (1908–1937), English poet


* Karen Nelson Bell, producer, director and musician
* Kellen L. Bell, (born 07/07/1984) African born in America, Poet, Businessman
* Kendrell Bell (born 1980), American football linebacker
* Kenneth B. Bell, American judge
* Kristen Bell (born 1980), actress


* Larry M. Bell, American politician
* Lauralee Bell (born 1968), actress
* Lawrence Bell
* Lewis John Bell (born on the ides of march 1985), drifter


* Madison Smartt Bell (born 1957), author
* Maggie Bell, British singer
* Manga Ndumbe Bell (1838–1898), Duala ruler in Cameroon
* Marc Bell (born 1956), real name of musician Marky Ramone
* Marc Bell (born 1971), Canadian cartoonist
* Marilyn Bell (born 1937), swimmer
* Mark Sever Bell (born 1843), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
* Mark Bell (born 1980), Canadian ice hockey player
* Mark Bell, house music
* Mark Bell, New Zealand musician
* Martin Bell, British journalist and broadcaster
* Martin Bell (born 1964), British skier
* Martin Bell, British poet
* Martyn Bell, British racing driver
* Marvin Bell, American poet
* Mary Bell (born 1957), British child killer
* Matthew Bell
* Melissa Bell, Australian actress
* Mervyn Bell, football manager
* Michael Bell
* Mike Bell


* Ndumbe Lobe Bell, Duala ruler in Cameroon
* Neil Bell, pseudonym of British writer Stephen Southwold
* Noreen Bell, fictional character from "Emmerdale"


* Peter Hansbrough Bell (1849-1853), American politician
* Peter F. Bell born 1976, is the captain of the Fremantle Football Club and has also played with the Kangaroos.
* Peter R. Bell, born 1954, was a player with the St Kilda Football Club in 1973-77.


* Quentin Bell


* Raja Bell
* Regla Bell (born 1970), Cuban volleyball player
* Richard Bell, one of several people including
**Richard Bell (director), Canadian writer and director
**Richard Bell (politician), (1859–1930) one of the first two British Labour Members of Parliament
**Richard Bell, Bishop of Carlisle from 1477–1495
**Richard Bell (Canadian musician), member of The Band

* Richard Ndumbe Manga Bell, Duala ruler in Cameroon
* Ricky Bell (born 1967), American singer
* Ricky Lynn Bell, National Football League running back
* Ricky Bell, a National Football League cornerback.
* Robert Bell (d. 1577), British judge & politician
* Robert Bell (born 1950), musician
* Robert E. Bell, American archaeologist
* Robert J. Bell, American inventor and holder of patents for the first vending machine and first gasoline fuel additive
* Robert M. Bell (born 1943), American jurist
* Ronald Bell (UK politician), former UK Member of Parliament
* Robert "Kool" Bell
* Robert Bell (writer)
* Ronnie Bell British chemist at Oxford University
* Roy Bell, (fullback) rugby league player formerly for South Sydney Rabbitohs
* Rudolf Duala Manga Bell (1873–1914), Duala ruler in Cameroon

*Samuel Bell (1770-1850), American jurist & politician - New Hampshire
*Samuel Bell (fl. 1850s), American politician - California
*Samuel B. Bell (c. 1825 -1897), American religious leader & politician -
*Samuel Dana Bell (1798-1868), American jurist - New Hampshire
*Samuel H. Bell. (born 1925), American jurist - Ohio
*Samuel Newell Bell (1829-1889), American politician - New Hampshire
*Sean Bell (1984-2006), African American shot by New York City police
*Simon Bell (singer) (born 1949, Glasgow)
*Steve Bell (born 1951), British political cartoonist
*Steve Bell Rugby league player for Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles
*Stephen Bell Born 1963, Northern Ireland, Conductor


* Terrell Bell, American politician
* Thom Bell, Jamaican-American music producer
* Thomas Cowan Bell
* Thomas M. Bell (Ohio politician)
* Thomas Reid Davys Bell, Irish lepidopterist
* Tim Bell, British public relations and political adviser
* Tobin Bell, American actor
* Trevor Bell, British painter


* Vanessa Bell (1879-1961), British painter
* Vereen Bell, American writer
* Virginia Bell, American model and actress


* Walter Dalrymple Maitland Bell, elephant hunter, marksman and author
* Wayne Bell, bulletin board pioneer
* Wayne Bell, percussionist, performer on Bic Runga's albums.
* William Bell (1924-1948), British poet & air-soldier
* William E. Bell (fl. 2000s), Canadian writer
* William Bell (fl. 2000s), theologian & educator
* William J. Bell (1927-2005), TV producer
* William Nathaniel Bell (1817-1887), American settler

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* Bell

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