Airborne usually refers to airborne forces in the military. It may also refer to:

* "Airborne" (album), an album by The Flying Burrito Brothers
* Airborne (band), a jazz band based in Connecticut
* Airborne (dietary supplement), a dietary herbal supplement claimed to ward off flu and the common cold
* "Airborne" (Don Felder album), the only solo album by Don Felder
* "Airborne" (film), a 1993 comedy/drama film
* Airborne (House episode), an episode of the television series "House, M.D."
* Airborne Express, a former U.S. package delivery service
* Airborne Ranger, a 1987 computer game by Microprose
* , a video game in the Medal of Honor series
* Airborne, a character from the G.I. Joe universe
* "Airborne", a song by Cinerama from their 2002 album "Torino"
* Airborne, a supervillain character in the Death Squad in the comic "Iron man" by Marvel Comics
* Airborne (company), a video game development company that works with Disney

See also

* "Airborn", a 2004 novel by Canadian author Kenneth Oppel, also adapted into a movie
* "Airborn", the U.S. release of 1979 British album "Platinum" by Mike Oldfield
* Airbourne (band), an Australian rock band
* Airbourne (air show), an international air show in Eastbourne, Sussex, England

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