Bondage may refer to:

*Debt bondage, a modern form of slavery in which people are bound by debt, rather than legal ownership
*Bondage (BDSM), the practice of tying people up for pleasure
*Self bondage, the practice of tying oneself up just for fun or for pleasure
*The term "bondage" is also used figuratively to mean spiritual attachment, such as to the physical world, or an evil compelling force, such as original sin
*Bondmaid, a woman bondservant
*Bondsman, or bondsman, a man bondservant
*Bail bondsman, a person who provides bonds or surety for another
*"Bondage (1933 film)", a 1933 film
*"Bondage (play)", a 1991 play by David Henry Hwang
*"Bondage (film)", also known as "The Bondage", a 2006 film by Eric Allen Bell

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